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   Chapter 5 5 Euphoric

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So I was going to go eat out until I remembered that I had to get groceries. That, and I'm also too broke to eat out.

I arrived at the local grocery store and I was trying ask an immigrant who was working here if they had a bathroom.

"Do you guys have a bathroom?" I asked her, pushing my shopping cart to the side. She was European, that much I could tell. Her dark blonde hair and her occasional wart in her face led me to believe she wasn't Canadian. Well, that and her lack of English knowledge.

"Batrum?" She tried to repeat, looking at me intently.

"No, ba-th-ro-om." I repeated slowly. She just smiled at me and nodded.

"Where is the bathroom then?" I questioned as she laughed. Okay, no english whatsoever.

"Pee. I have to p-e-e." I told her, exaggerating my words as if it'd help her understand.

"Pea? We have peas." She said, smiling and nodding vigorously.

"No, pee, it needs to come out." I said awkwardly, but she still had no idea what I was talking about. Realizing that this was going no where, I tried acting it out. I squatted and tried to use my hands as 'pee' to demonstrate.

"Oh! You go to Tickle Trunk down street." She said in broken English.

"I don't want a vibrator!" I cried exasperatedly, a few heads turning my way. "I just want to pee." I whined, slouching.

"Oh!" Then she threw some directions at me in Polish I think.

"Can you direct me?" I asked her, looking around. She nodded before turning around and walking to another aisle. I threw my hands up in the air our of frustration and headed to the till. I figured I'd hold it until I got back home. After buying the goods, walking back to the base, and putting the food away, I had to pee so badly, but of course as fate would have it, Grayson was taking a shower.

I pounded on the door, screaming, "Grays

because I throw shade."

My eyes widened for a moment, I hadn't expected him to tell a joke. At least not the way the others had depicted him. What made it so funny, was the fact that it was a good joke.

For the second time today, I found myself snorting and hiccuping all over the place.

When my laughter died down, I looked over at Grayson who was watching the TV screen intently. I know this sounds creepy, but examining things soothes me almost as much as playing the violin.

Especially people.

So naturally, I noticed the sharp bend of his jaw, the thickness of his brown curls, the odd straightness if his nose, being in the nose-breaking business, his high cheekbones, his angular face, almost as if he rarely ate.

Deciding that I was hungry enough to cook again, I got up and started to make lunch.


So I'm at the airport with no internet, so I guess we'll have to wait until I get to Montreal for my seven hour layover, yay!

Ship names for the book? - uh... Graybella... And, um... Beller?

Wow, okay, please tell me your guys' are better.

Fact: if you're not listening to the songs, I will use my spider senses to somehow re-read this book and listen to the songs.

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