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   Chapter 4 4 Delectable

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I had lost track of time down there, as I always do, so now it was eight in the morning. I'd left the room at six so I guess that's not long. At least, not for me it isn't. I didn't go back to the room, instead, I went straight to the artillery range.

I was unused to having this many reveries, I hardly ever had them. I guess I'll be seeing the live-in doctor sometime soon if they get any worse.

As I mentioned before, I may be a trained undercover operative, but I have no idea what any of the names are for anything. If I worked with someone and I needed them to throw me something, I'd be like, 'That black gun over there that looks like a T, pass it over!'. Like dude, all the guns look somewhat like T's.

All I really knew was rifle, glock, pistol, and grenade. Oh, plus mag and bullets, of course, but only the basics.

The artillery range I was at was one of two. The one that I'm at is a short range practice thing, the other one is for long range. I picked up what looked like a pistol, I think, then grabbed some random bullets. This system isn't very efficient because it turns out different bullets go in different guns. Shocker, I know.

So I'm pretty sure these bullets work with pistols. I grabbed a utility belt -- that's what I call it -- and stuffed some mags in it. The glass was double sided, nearly making me reminisce on the good old days, kidding. I opened the door to the range and let it close behind me.

I pressed the red button on the wall and allowed the simulation to begin. It was like back at the 'training centre', the double sided mirrors and training drills.

The room was quite large, they'd set it up as an office building to simulate a hostage situation. I knew that random people would jump out at me. Some of them civilians running, some of them criminals. I had to be able to spot the difference quickly.

And correctly.

Lights were flashing, making it difficult to see properly. A cardboard lady on wheels rolled past me, and I raised my gun. Observing her carefully, I assessed her as a civilian. I continued through the office space, bouncing on my toes. I had some adrenaline running through my veins, not enough to heighten my senses though. I turned a corner swiftly and took a shot, hardly taking a look.

I'd seen the gun in his hands and that was all the indication I needed. It continued like this for a while until I finally reached the hostages. There seemed to be no one guarding the sacks of flour, cheap FBI trying to save money, but I knew there had to be some last source of defence. I carefully took a step forward, ready to pounce, but suddenly the simulation ended.

The holographic simulation fell away, leaving me with two bags of flour and a few rolling figures.

Tyler emerged from the door and I smiled at him. "I was about to win." I pouted, putting my gun in the holster on my


"You can't 'win' a hostage situation." Tyler said, taking long strides towards me, quickly closing the gal between us.

"Well, say what you want, but I was about to." I told him knowingly, crossing my arms over my chest. I never had big boobs, a perk of being me. It made good for being a spy, that way you don't have giant milk jugs flying off your chest as you run. I want to congratulate people with big boobs who can run properly with them, if we're being honest, they'd probably tip me over.

"Say what you want, but you can't." Ty mocked, crossing his arms as well. He was now directly in front of me, he was so close that our arms almost touched. I looked up at him and narrowed my eyes.

"You're so short." Tyler commented, making me widen my eyes.

"Not this again."

"What do you mean?" He asked innocently, tilting his head curiously.

"I'm 5'8" and I'm pretty sure I'm taller than the average female!" I informed him somewhat angrily. "You're just freakishly tall!"

"Short people are so cute when they're mad." Ty teased, walking around me in a circle. I hugged and stomped my foot on the floor in aggravation.

"It's times like this that make me question why I ever agreed to date you." I sigh, turned to follow his movements.

"Because I bugged you for three months non-stop for you to date me." He told me, smiling widely. "But you wuv me." I just laughed and Tyler scooped me up in his arms, spinning me around.

I couldn't tell if the butterflies in my stomach were caused by nausea or Tyler's touch, but either way I was loving them.

He didn't put me down as he stopped spinning, he just tilted his head upwards to kiss me. I leaned down to meet him halfway, but not before whispering, "Who's short now?"

"Still you." He replied quietly, bringing me down to the floor, proving his point.

"That's planting evidence." I laughed so hard at that, you don't understand. That's me.

Romantic moment ruiner.

I was laughing so hard that I couldn't hold myself up, even with Tyler's arms around me, I still managed to hit the floor crying, with laughter. There were literally tears in my eyes.

At first Tyler gave me a sarcastic laugh, but when I started rolling around and gasping desperately for breath, he started to laugh along with me.

When we finally calmed down, Tyler sat down beside me and I sat up. I turned my head to face him and said, "Now I remember why I agreed to date you."

I tilted me head upward and gave him a quick peck on the lips before leaving him there on the floor to go eat lunch.

Smiling to myself as I left, I figured it had been a while since I'd been to McDonald's.



You guys ship Grayson and Isabella or Tyler and Isabella? -Tyler and Isabella.

I already have the ending planned out for this book and I hate myself for it so don't worry. MWAHAHAHAHAHA

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