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   Chapter 1 1 Amicable

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"Can you talk?"



"I'll poke you."

That last one was the only one that generated a reaction from Grayson. He laid on the spare bed, facing away from me, while I sat on the other side of it. He craned his neck to look at me, perking a dark eyebrow.

"I'll do it." I threatened, lifting a finger, wiggling it a little. Grayson had almost a challenging look in his eyes. Agonizingly slowly, I brought my finger towards his tan flesh. He watched it every inch of the way until I was a hair's-length away from his arm, then, he flipped over completely to face me and grabbed my finger with his fist. I made an 'O' formation with my lips.

"Don't touch me." Grayson rasped, his voice deep and dark, making it sound mysterious. I shivered a little bit, but then, I broke out into a grin.

"Mission achieved!" I exclaimed, getting off his bed and skipping around.

"You act like the energizer bunny on crack." Grayson stated bluntly, sitting upwards, watching me with his calculating green eyes.

"Thanks?" I replied unsurely, tilting my head as I stopped skipping.

"That wasn't a compliment in any way shape or form." Grayson spoke agitatedly, getting up from the bed and walking out of the room.

"Well, it depends how you take it." I stated, adding the usual spring to my step as I followed Grayson. "Do you want something to eat?"

Grayson didn't reply, he just kept walking until he was at the front door. He opened it and walked out, probably expecting me to stay put. Ha, nope. I walked out along with him, closing the door behind me. "So, where ya goin'?"

"Somewhere you're not." Grayson snapped, turning a sharp left down a random corridor.

"Ouch. I'm wounded by your harsh words." I joked, holding a hand to my heart. The truth is, I'm used to jerks like Grayson, I grew up with people like him. Of course they weren't as attractive, but I don't think it makes much of a difference.

"If you were normal, you would be."

"Good thing I'm not normal then."

"Yes, because being a hyper, commercialized rabbit is so much better."

Well, I'd rather be an energizer bunny than the grouch that lives in the trash can from Elmo.

Grayson made another seemingly random left turn, simply leading to more rooms. I followed him silently until he found his way to the elevator. "Were you lost?" I snickered, stopping beside him as he clicked the down button. Grayson didn't reply, he just looked straight ahead.

"You know our apartment is just to the right..." I trailed off, looking up at him. A few wisps from my two braids got in my face, so I hastily removed the blonde hairs from my line of sight.

Grayson continued to ignore me, but I was determined to make good conversation. I've always wanted a roommate so I am going to make this work.

We stepped into the elevator and Grayson pressed the main floor button. I leaned back against the railing, feeling slightly uncomfortable with all the mirrors there were in this particular elevator. As the doors started to close, Grayson jumped through them. The door censors must've not caught him because the doors kept closing, leaving me alone inside.

I swear, before the doors closed, I saw Grayson smirk and wave at me through the crack. I narrowed my eyes at the door, realizing that this would be harder than I'd originally thought.

I figured I'd give him some time to adjust as I arrived at the main floor. When the doors opened, I walked determinedly to the training room once more. I passed through the countless hallways of the FBI headquarters until I reached my chosen destination.

I opened the wooden door -- I swear the architect had a thing for wooden doors -- and saw that Tyler had moved to the punching bag. He was beating it so hard, it looked like it was going fly off of the hook it was hanging from.

"Hey, Ty." I greeted, tapping his shoulder lightly. Tyler whipped around in a battle position, ready to fight. "Woah, woah." I said, my lips curving into a smile. I put my hands up in mock surrender.

"I'm back." I announced, stepping towards Tyler.

"So, what was the news?" He asked me, steadying the punching bag.

"With Ivan?" Ty nodded as he started to beat the punching bag once more. "He gave me a roommate, that Grayson guy."

Suddenly, he stopped punching the bag. "Grayson? You're sharing an apartment with Grayson?"

"Um, yeah?" I replied awkwardly, rubbing my hands together. "What's wrong?"

"He's bad news, Izzy." Tyler started, moving closer to me. "He doesn't give me a good vibe."

I rolled my eyes at his antics. "I'll be fine, top notch spy, remember?"

"I'm being serious, Isabella." He said, knowing exactly how I felt about him using my whole name.

All of a sudden, it seemed as if the world had floated away, like I'd been transported into my memories.

"Hello 1703534, what can you tell me about yourself?" A lady in a white hazmat suit asked me, her voice muffled from the plastic.

"I like flowers." I said quietly, though I had a big smile on my face.

"Wrong." The lady frowned, motioning at someone. Suddenly, I felt a jolt of electricity run through my temples.

"What can you tell me about yourself?" She repeated.

"I like flowers..." I said weakly. The lady motioned again, allowing another flow of electricity to run through my body.

"What can you tell me about yourself?" She repeated somewhat angrily.

"I like guns-" I stopped short, hiccuping on my sobs, "-and violence."

"Good girl." The female said, smiling at me. "Here is your new name." Some people untangled the wires and took them off of my head as she handed me a name tag to put around my neck.

It read, Insufficient Single Admin, Ballistic, Energy Limited, Levels Accurate.

Underneath in bold letters it read, Isabella.

I felt hands on my cheeks, but still being in my reverie, I thought it was the woman. I snapped my head back, hyper aware of my surroundings. I saw Tyler with his hands out, meaning it was his hands on my cheeks, not my captor's.

"Izzy, I'm so sorry." Tyler apologized, looking sad.

"It's fine." I croaked, my voice nearly cracking.

"No, it's not." Ty said, coming close to me. He wrapped his arms around me in a warm embrace that I craved. Immediately, I returned the hug, clutching him tightly.

"If it makes you feel any better, Grayson doesn't the seem to talk much, but when he does, it's only rude comments." I reassured him, smiling over his shoulder.

"That's not what I'm worried about." Tyler said, squeezing me tighter.


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