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   Chapter 0 Prologue

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Everyone cheered for him as he walked through the crowded room, a blank expression on his perfectly chiseled face. He didn't bother to look at anyone, practically ignoring the standing ovation he was receiving. His hands were tucked into the front pockets of his black pants and he slouched as he strode forward. It was as if he lived in his own little world, away from the rest of us.

That was the thing about Grayson, he never really payed much attention to anything as I've been told, but when he did, it was either important or naked. People said the only thing he cared about was his job and I was inclined to agree. Whatever he lacked in social skills, he made up for in his abilities. No one was as agile as Grayson, no one was as fast as Grayson, no one could aim a gun like Grayson, and no one could make anyone feel as small as Grayson did.

Or so I've been told.

Grayson had been on a secret operation in France, infiltrating a mob that had integrated from Russia, he'd been gone fifteen months without outside contact. His assignment was to bring in the mob boss' right hand man, but Grayson being the outstanding agent that he was, decided he wanted to bring down the entire organization. License plates, social security numbers, previous credit card payments, all of their dealings, all in a file placed on Ivan's desk this morning without flaw.

What about me? I arrived twelve months ago from the CIA in America, now I'm working classified investigations for the FBI in Canada. I've never met Grayson, but the girls here can't seem to stop talking about him.

Oh, did you hear about how Grayson mutilated that Spanish drug dealer last year?

My personal favourite is when he shot Bruno Mars in the shoulder to save his life!

Yeah, okay Tiffany.

Finally, I'll get to meet this Grayson guy in person.

Grayson exited the concrete room through a wooden door on the other side, leaving the rest of us in silence. Everyone seemed used to this because they simply walked back to a different room to continue their training of sorts.

Behind that wooden door was Ivan's office and I was yearning to know what was happening behind that door, but I refrained from acting on that thought and simply walked out of the other door.

I walked through the now familiar halls of the FBI operatives building and found my way into the training room. There were punching bags, barbells, all sorts of draining equipment, all for us. I smiled as I spotted Tyler in the corner of the room, doing chin ups on a bar. I made my way through the nearly empty room, my eyes focused on Tyler.

His eyes were closed, as if he was concentrating on the movements of his toned muscles as he lifted himself over the bar repeatedly.

"I still can't do those." I commented one I was nearly in front of him. His eyes opened and he dropped from the bar gracefully. "How many?"

"I lost count at fifty." Tyler said with a smirk, running a hand through his gelled blonde hair.

"Cocky much?" I asked, giving him a hug. "I missed you."

Did I forget to mention that Tyler just got back from Cambodia? Not even for a mission, he just wanted to help take care o

f the sick children. I really wanted to go with him, but Ivan sent me on a mission just as he was leaving. Plus, the mission was child's play.

"I missed you too." He replied, his voice muffled by my hair as he returned the hug. I broke away quickly, wiping my hands on my pants.

"Gosh, you're so sweaty!" I exclaimed, making a disgusted face.

"What'd you think I'd be? Aside from hot, of course." Tyler smiled, flexing his muscles and kissing one of them. I couldn't deny the fact that he was hot, because he was, but agreeing with him would only inflate his giant ego.

"Yeah? Well I'm cool." I said awkwardly, wondering where I was going with this. "Cooler than an iceberg..."

"You know the icebergs are melting, right?" He stated as a matter of factly, looking my dead in the eye.

"Wow, way to make it depressing AF." I said, crossing my arms. "Did I just say 'AF' out loud?"

Tyler nodded, pursing his lips. "Oh dear lord." Suddenly Tyler engulfed me in another hug, rubbing his sweat all over me.

"I missed you so much, Izzy." Tyler said, lifting me up for a few seconds.

"I missed you too, silly." I laughed as he put me down. Before I'd even taken a breath, Tyler captured my lips with his. The kiss was one of longing, making it almost desperate. I hadn't expected it, but I wasn't hating it either. I kissed him back, my hands flying to his hair.

Someone cleared their throat from behind us. We broke apart instantly, well, I did. Tyler was still trying to kiss me as I jumped back, nearly falling over. There stood Ivan, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Sir." I greeted him respectfully, blushing like crazy. I've never been one for PDA.

"I have some information for you." Ivan said, motioning for me to walk with him. I turned to Tyler and threw him an apologetic look before giving him a small wave goodbye. He returned it with a sad smile on his face.

"Happy eight month anniversary babe." He whispered before going back to the chin up bar. As I walked away, I smiled at him.

"You have a roommate." Ivan stated out of the blue.

"I do?" I questioned, curiously looking at him.

"Yes. I've arranged for Grayson to live in your dorm for a while. We gave his to someone else while he was gone because we thought he had gone cold. Therefore, he has to stay with you. You're one of the only experienced agents who doesn't have a partner."

"So... He'll be my partner in solving crimes?" I tried not to laugh at my own joke so I accidentally snorted trying to hold it in. My eyes widened and I covered my mouth I'm mortification. It was a good joke though.

Ivan just ignored me and walked away. I started to laugh a little bit as I headed back to my room. That was a great joke.

I made my way to my room, opening the door when I got there. Grayson was sitting on the couch, watching the soccer game. "Hey roomie!" I exclaimed, waving excitedly.

Grayson just looked at me before standing up and headed to the spare room, completely ignoring me.

Nice to meet you too, sir!


Okay so I'm redoing this book, forget what you've read :O

Anyone going on vacation? - I'm still in Cuba, so...

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