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   Chapter 15 FIFTEEN

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"It's not like I asked you to cook." I ran a hand down my face, exasperated. I sat on the bed and as a habit, I reached under my shirt to untape my wings that were uncomfortably folded at the moment. I them remembered Mary was still here and I quickly refrained.

"I've already seen them, you can untape them if you want, " she said, coming around the kitchen and sitting on the floor in front of me. "Oh, that reminds me!" She quickly bounced back up and ran to the bathroom.

"I got you this!" She exclaimed excitedly, handing me something pink. "They didn't have any other colours." She smirked a bit and I had the feeling she was lying, but I eyes the material curiously.

"What is it?" I asked her, pressing it. It moved under my finger.

"It's pro wrap! It's what girls use to hold their hair back during sports, you can use it for your wings!" Her eyes sparkled even though I'd been so mean to her. I couldn't understand how she had the capacity to be so nice to me.

I took off my shirt without really caring and I untaped my wings with a grimace. Mary watched me as if she felt me pain, though of course she didn't, Well, you did burn down her house...

I ignored the demon and threw the tape in the garbage. My wings expanded on reflex and Mary reached out to touch a feather. "No touching." I snapped, slapping her hand away. I undid the pro wrap and moving my wings back around my torso. I wrapped it around my stomach and tied it in a not after. I grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped it. My wings immediately stretched out and there was no pain removing the pro wrap.

I felt so happy and thankful that I did something totally out of character for me. Let's blame it on the overwhelming excitement. I picked her up and spun her around while

ere, okay?"

"Yup, see ya." I hung up and found Mary staring at me inquisitively. "Yes?" I asked as I placed my phone back into the counter.

"Who was that?" Mary questioned, walking towards me. I ran a hand through my curly brown hair and rolled my eyes.

"Does it matter? I'm going out later, apparently you can cook so I guess I don't have to order in, " I added, smirking as she huffed.

"If you had anything more than mice and dust in your cabinets, I'd probably be able to whip something up. Unfortunately, all that calls for, is an incurable disease, " she stated with a tiny smile on her lips.

"Well, that seems like a you problem, not a me problem, so..." I trailed off, malice glinting in my dark auburn eyes. She scoffed and waltzed into the bathroom, not looking back in my direction. I chuckled and took a seat at the dining table.

You've really done it this time.

Shut up.

Oh, I'm quaking in my boots.

Then a burning sensation began in my stomach, starting as a faint tingling but quickly turning into a harsh fire inside my abdomen. Thankfully, Mary was in the bathroom and the pain eventually subsided.

Damn, this evil shit is a bitch.

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