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   Chapter 14 FOURTEEN

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Updated: 2018-06-04 18:46

I'd made her sleep on the floor and I felt no guilt up to this point. That is until I realized that I'd forgotten to give her a blanket. When I woke up, I found her in a shivering heap beside my bed.

I flicked on the light witch with my mind and got out of bed.

I decided to let her sleep, it being 8:00AM. I dropped my covers on her and grabbed a pillow off my bed. Somewhat hesitantly, I got down into a squat and placed my hand under her head. Her soft black hair cascaded across my arm as I placed a pillow under her head. When I got back up, I taped my wings and put on pair of tight sweat pants and a loose shirt.

I arrived at school, thoughtlessly entering the building. Once I walked through the doors, I felt a presence beside me. I looked down and saw Tiana's bright brown eyes gleaming up at me.

"I see you found your way home alright." She commented, smirking as she walked alongside me. A fruity smell wafted through my nose and I looked down at her as we walked. She was no longer looking at me, but ahead of us, at something in the distance.

I looked up and found a crowd circling a fight. I could see two heads swirling around in the middle of the chaos.

"Oh shit." I heard Tiana mutter under her breath. She left my side and quickly ran to the crowd. She disappeared amongst the sea of faces and I found myself jogging to find her.

Her figure emerged into the centre of the circle where the two boys were battling it out. "Stop it, Jason!" She exclaimed, trying to grab one boy off the other. One had dark skin, while the other was almost as pale as Mary. Mary...

I shook my head and watched the scene unfold until I had to take action. It was

u coming?" She asked confusedly, tilting her head.

"I'm sure you're capable of asking for a bag of ice yourself, princess." I mocked, smirking. Tiana glared at me and my heart stopped for a moment because I swear, it was the scariest thing I've ever seen, and that's saying something. That's probably why I shut the door so fast.

Girls are scary.

You're a disappointment to every good looking male.

I try.

I decided that school wasn't worth it today, as it wasn't every other day, so I just skipped the rest of the day. I needed to cool off, plus, Mary might've woken up already.

I walked home with a frown etched into my features, thinking about Lillith and why she wasn't talking to me even though she'd escaped. When I arrived at home, I opened the door, only to find Mary cooking with the little groceries I had.

"It's about time, what the heck am I supposed to cook with eggs and cheese? The plainest omelet in the universe?"


Okay, I like both characters. I figured that Gabe was being a little too reachable so I had to fuck that up.

I got into the high school I wanted yeeee

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