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   Chapter 12 TWELVE

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We got on the bus at 10:36, like Tiana said, and now we were just talking. It was surprisingly... Nice.

"So why are you queen bee?" I asked her, looking down at her from where I was standing. We were both standing, holding the rails because the bus was oddly full.

"Because I'm hot? I'm pretty sure that's it. Being substantial is just a bonus." Tiana laughed as she spoke, causing my lip to twitch.

"Who said you're hot?" I questioned tauntingly, somewhat hoping she'd understand it was a joke. She seemed smart enough, if not, her ego sure was big enough.

"You don't have to say it, my eyes aren't just for decoration you know." Tiana smirked, placing a hand on her hip.

"Fair enough." I stated, looking around, not knowing where we were going. Suddenly, the bus stopped and Tiana tumbled forward into my chest. She gasped as she hit my chiseled chest before laughing.

"God, that was so cliché." She said between laughs. I chuckled too, her laughter was contagious. We passed through the downtown area and I saw a somewhat familiar blog of black hair sitting on the side of a building.


"So what are your parents' names?" Tiana asked, getting back on her feet, breaking me from my train of thought.

"Lillith and Barbatos." I told her, not bothering to lie. It's not like-

"Like the demons?" She asked almost excitedly. "Sorry, that sounded creepy."

"No, you're right. Exactly like the demons." I chuckled because she smiled, thinking that I was joking.

"This is our stop." She announced, pulling me off the bus. In front of us stood a huge mall and I nearly scoffed. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out.

Adelaide - Sorry I haven't been at school, sick.

I didn't bother replying, I just eyed the mall wearily. Suddenly, beside me, Tiana bursted into another fit of laughter. I looked at her curiously and she held out a finger,

itive use of that particular metaphor.

Tiana came over to me and patted my back. I made sure to flatten my wings closer to myself if that was possible, thankfully she didn't seem to notice. We walked out of the arena and put our equipment back.

"Good game." Tiana said, her hand outstretched. I went to shake it, but a shock went through me as we touched. Tiana jumped, but laughed.

"We should skip again sometime." She suggested, walking alongside me. We exited just as a bus stopped before the laser tag facility. "Losers first."

I got on the bus, asking, "Did you know the bus would be here?"I flashed the bus driver my bus pass and looked back.

"It's ruin the mystery if I told you." She smirked, the bus doors closed behind me, but Tiana waved from outside.

The bus started to drive, but I just looked at Tiana confusedly. "I had a great time." She laughed, walking away from the bus stop. I took a seat, somewhat wondering where the bus was going, but if it went far, I could always fly back. The demons were oddly quiet today, but I wasn't questioning it. The only thing I was thinking about, was Tiana.


I love Tiana, if Gabe doesn't marry her, I will I swear. I love this song and I'm so bored, enjoy peeps.

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