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   Chapter 11 ELEVEN

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"Fuckkkkkkk." I exclaimed sorely, rubbing my neck. I'd slept on it funnily so now it hurts like a bitch.

Even demons have those problems.

I got out of bed and stretched, my fingers brushing my wings slightly. I threw on some sweats while taping my wings to my body, pinching my face as the feathers tore slightly. I put on a long sleeved shirt and a sweater overtop, heading for school. It was the first time in a long time that I'd slept until 8:00AM.

I walked to school, feeling an odd weight on my shoulders. I shrugged it off as I arrived. The school was buzzing as per usual, but people were minding their own business today. Well, their noses weren't in my ass, they were in someone else's, that's what I'm saying.

It was day one again since I'd skipped yesterday, so I had drama again. I sighed and grabbed the materials that I needed. The bell rang and I shut my eyes, taking a deep breath. I walked into class, meeting the eyes of the teacher with a mocking sneer.

Class started and the raven haired girl was no where to be seen. We played some more dumb improv games that I hardly participated in, partly because I was thinking of other, more pressing things. Mostly because I didn't want to.

"Mr.- uh, sorry I can't pronounce your last name. Gabriel." The drama teacher called me as the class ended.

"Yes, sir." I mocked him, smirking. I crossed my arms over my chest, taking an intimidating stance. The man was slightly shorter than me, but it was enough to give me the advantage.

"You chose this option, you participate in it." He demanded, looking up at me, unfazed. I scoffed.

"This was my last option, but some moron fucked it up in the paperwork. Not my fault it doesn't take much education to become an administrator." I stated, not breaking my cool facade.

"Actually-" I didn't let him sta

the wind.

"Yeah, but why?" I continued to ask questions, frowning a little.

"Because based on my calculations, you'd agree to skip with me at 10:30AM, giving us just enough time to catch the bus down the street." Tiana explained once more, waiting a moment for me to catch up.

"You knew I'd say yes?" I couldn't stop asking questions, I was so confused.


"But... How?"

"Well, me saving you from another girl would make you feel indebted to me, but if that didn't work, my flirty personality usually reels them in soon enough."

"Reels them in? You're a little egoistic, aren't you?" I stated as we approached the bus stop.

"Well I caught you, didn't I? What don't I have to be confident about?" She asked rhetorically and I nodded in agreement. She does have a point there.

"So am I the fish you caught? Courtney was the bait?"

"Yup, and you bit, you bit hard." She smiled at me, taking a seat in the bench. "Truth be told, I was just the fisherman pulling the strings."


I didn't know what to do so I figured, wHy NOt INtrOdUCe a LOvE TrIAnGle?

Lots of love, don't hate me, Mary or Tiana?

I WANNA HEAR SOME SHIP NAMES LADIES (and that one guy in the front row)

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