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Gabriel's POV

To be honest, I didn't know what I was going to show her. I was only showing her because she'll only keep this a secret if she trusts me. Therefore, building trust is the only way to go here.

I looked her in the eyes first, her blue eyes were inquisitive and quizzical. Almost... Calculating.

"Tell me your name first." I demanded, walking over the mirror.

"Mary." She told me. I turned around to face her, only to see that she was dead serious. I started chuckling slowly before I broke out into a full out laughing fit.

Me, the demon angel hybrid, saved a girl named Mary. Now you can't tell me that's ironic.

She looked at me as if I were insane. "Sorry, it's just funny."

"My name?" She asked dryly, glaring at me.

"Never mind, I'm Gabriel, nice to meet you." I declared, turning back to the mirror.

"Like the angel?" I saw her eyes light up in the mirror.

"Anything but." I chuckled, reaching under my shirt to rip the tape off. She's already seen them, why not show her again. It's already happened in my dream, it's bound to happen at some point. I closed my eyes in pain as the tape stuck to my feathers. Once the tape was off, I turned to her, holding my wings to my abdomen.

"Which one means more to you, a swear, a promise, or a pinky promise?" I asked her seriously.

"A promise, that's the only thing I ever abide by. That and the laws." She smiled at herself, it was kind of adorable. Still annoying though.

"Great, since this whole situation is fucked, I need you to promise me something, alright?" I said, approaching her slowly. She moved back on the bed a little and I smirked.


"Hands out in front of you so you can't do that bullshit I crossed my fingers thing." She put her hands on her lap and stop

rpose. By doing that, I hoped that she'd think I wasn't afraid of people knowing that I had wings so she'd have no reason to tell anyone. I know that could backfire terribly, but she said she had no friends, most likely no family, so who's she going to tell?

I decided to skip school again tomorrow just incase Mary was there. Plus, I was absolutely exhausted. It seems that's as of late, I've been getting more tired. I sighed and fell back onto my bed. My wings were free, so I reached out a hand and felt them. They were softer than silk, probably because they were crafted in heaven itself.

The bed smelled like smoke, probably from Mary. It was quite chilly outside, at least -10C.

And you let her go in a t-shirt and your sweats, I've helped raise a lady-killer.

You're the Duke of hell, why do you care?

Clearly my father isn't coming after me because he's still cracking jokes. Albeit shitty ones, but he's still his demonic self. What was my mother warning me for then? Where was she anyway? She hasn't spoken to me in a while.

I fell asleep to the smell of smoke and a faint perfume, it was kind of nice, -----

Look at my bipolar baby. I love you Gabriel!

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