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   Chapter 9 NINE

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The scream pierced the air and I cringed before looking back to the shed. Was it not abandoned? What were they doing inside?

Suddenly, I felt... Sated. As if I needed to kill someone to be full. I could just leave them there...

No one would know, they'd never be able to trace it back to you.

Maybe the urges will stop, maybe-

A hand met my face and I realized it was my own. I'd slapped myself. I deserved it. Every moment I sat here, pondering whether I should kill someone, that someone was closer to dying.

My God, what am I becoming? I've never killed a human, and I don't intend to. I took a deep breath, this was my mistake, I had to fix it, no matter what. I took off my sweater and threw it into the fire so that there'd be no evidence of me. I ripped the tape off my wings as quickly as I could.

The shed was quickly burning and I needed to hurry. I could hear a woman wailing inside and I fought the urge to cover my ears. Once my wings were free, I knew this was a huge risk, but I'd fucked up.

I flew into the fire without a second thought. The fire was mine so it didn't burn me, therefore I flew through effortlessly. I spotted the girl curled up in a corner, her head in her hands. The fire had surrounded her and I flew to her.

"It's okay, it'll be alright." I said, as she looked up at me. The awe was evident on her face and I realized it was the raven haired girl from drama class. I sighed deeply, extremely deeply. The smoke entered my lungs and I coughed.

"Are you an angel? Am I-" She paused, looking at my face. "Oh my god, you're the kid from the hallway yesterday." I looked around and noticed a burning mattress and so, e snack. Did she live here?

I was about to say something stupid when she started to drift in and out of consciousness. The smoke was probably clogging her airway. I took a deep breath and lifted her up into my arms. I flew up and through the roof, grimacing as it broke on my back. The police were approaching in the distance, I'm sure at least one of them saw me. Fuck, I messed up good this time.


d, you're going to kill me, aren't you? I know too much." I declared, moving away from him slightly. He looked down at the wrench in his hands and laughed.

"You watch too many movies. There was a break-in a while, back and I was fixing the lock." He explained, still chuckling.

"At 4:00AM?" I questioned skeptically.

"When else?" He replied casually.

"I want an explanation." I announced, looking at him angrily. I also crossed my arms for effect.

"An explanation? For what?" He smirked, knowing exactly what I was talking about.

"For the damn wings!" I cried while he smirked, clearly enjoying himself. I was still in shock about my home burning down so I'm going to use that as an excuse for why I'm not freaking out right now.

"Oh right, those." He said casually. "I have those." He seemed to zone out for a few seconds. "Can you keep a secret?" He asked me seriously.

"Depends." I replied. The man pursed his lips and hit the wrench against his hand. "I mean, yes." I tried again, intimidated by the wrench.

"Great, here goes nothing. Well, here goes everything actually."


Ladies and gentlemen, once again, welcome to hell. Both characters are subconsciously self projections of myself and that's why they don't really react too much because if an angel saved me from a fire I'd probably block it out of my mind and act like it didn't happen :)

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