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   Chapter 8 EIGHT

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I decided to blow off school for the rest of the day. I guess I'll tell myself it's because of that gaunt-faced girl, but truthfully, I'm just afraid that I'll get an urge in class.

It's happened before, believe me, but they've gotten worse. Much worse.

I entered the supermarket because I was running low on food. Jerry Parker, this one's on you, thanks for unknowingly donating to the pity party that is me.

The store wasn't overly packed, probably because it was one in the afternoon and everyone was working. I don't like Wednesdays, I never have. They're just shitty. I don't know what it is about them, they're just... Annoying?

I grabbed a cart and started to shop.

Apples: Check.

Bread: Check.

Frosted Flakes: Check.

Milk: Check.

Munchies: Check. (2x)

I was in the middle of checking off my mental list, when someone bumped into me.

"Gabriel?" The boy asked, looking up at me. I squinted, trying to pinpoint his name.

"Hey, Eric." I greeted awkwardly. "Sorry about the other night, it's just that you were beating him up and-"

"No, I'm glad you stepped in, I can't have another probation on my record." Eric admitted, smiling sheepishly. Still wondering if he's hitting on me.

He sounds like he is.

For once I agreed with my mother. "Oh, well it was no problem then." I said, shrugging.

"Great, well I'll see you around?" He said suggestively. No you won't, hopefully never.

Even I agree with you there.

Wow, the demon agrees? Shocker.

"Yeah, sure." I lied through my teeth, walking past him to the till. I picked up a few frozen dinners on my way and paid for my food. Eric was at the till across from

I'd been so lost in thought that I hadn't been paying attention to the time. I sighed and laid on my bed, my wings sprawled out underneath me. I dosed off quickly, indexing about my fathers whereabouts.


I woke up sweating and hurting all over. My third urge today, are you fucking kidding me?

I looked over at the clock and found it to be 2:00AM. Well, it's a new day, time to burn that shed. Once the pain was gone, I put my burning clothes on, along with a fresh line of tape, and I ran out of the apartment. I hoped no one would break in because of my broken lock, but there wasn't much to steal so I wasn't too concerned.

Great mentality, son.

Thanks, dad! Sarcasm.

I found the shed quickly and made a ball of fire in my hand, as I had so many times before. The shed was surprisingly large for - well, a shed.

I threw the fire and watched the building burn. The cackling of the wood, the bright flames licking the sky.

I expected to hear sirens, but instead I heard a scream.

From inside the shed.


Dun dun duhhhhhhhh

I like Mary as a character so far.

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