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   Chapter 7 SEVEN

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I slept surprisingly peacefully, but I woke up at 9:00AM. I didn't rush to get to school, I simply taped my wings to my stomach and got dressed. I really should've bought myself another belt by now, it was much more effective and less painful.

Priorities I guess.

I threw on some jeans and a black t-shirt, leaving my apartment and heads to school. Once I arrived, after stealing a wallet or two, I realized that it was second period French. The hallways were flooded as students struggled to get to their next class. I was looking straight ahead when someone bumped into me.

I looked down just in time to see the black haired girl from yesterday fall. I grabbed her arm impossibly fast and pulled her back up. Her face met my chest and she looked up at me, astonished and awe-struck.

She was about 5'7" so that put her at my collarbone. She looked up at me and I became aware of our close proximity when I smelled her minty breath. She seemed to notice too and stepped back.

"Uh, thanks, sorry bout that." She stuttered, looking away from me. I smirked as she fumbled awkwardly. Her face was oddly angular, as if she hadn't eaten properly in a while.

"Just watch where you're going next time." I snapped even though I found her awkwardness adorable. It was almost like a reflex, being mean to people. I hid my smirk by covering it up with a frown.

"Excuse me? I'd like to inform you, that you were the one who bumped into me." She declared, crossing her arms. She glared up at me and I thought, kitten's got claws. Roar.

"Mm no, I'm pretty sure I'm right." I said, shrugging nonchalantly. She continued to glare at me as I remained impassive.

"Well from down here, I can actually see what's happening, so." She retorted, unravelling her arms and clenching her fists at her side. She didn't have any binders, making me curious as to where she was going.

You could just read her mind, you know.

Yes, but that's an invasion of privacy, I thought.

"I should've let

ut, telling me to wait.

"What the hell." She croaked, rubbing her neck.

"Reflexes." I said coldly.

"Deadly ones?" She questioned, her eyes filled with confusion. "I was just going to ask how you knew what game we were playing."

"I told you, magic." I shrugged. Suddenly, I felt the urge slowly creeping into my veins. Every inch of me started to hurt and I rested a hand almost casually on the shelf beside me, though it was anything but. I clenched the shelf tightly and tried not to howl in pain. The urges were becoming so frequent, the last one was two days ago, what the fuck?

"Ugh, whatever. If you don't want to tell me, just say so." She glared at me, not noticing how white my knuckles were against the shelf. My other hand was clutching my hip just as tightly.

"I don't want to tell you." I snapped, trying to keep the strain out of my voice.

"Fine." She hissed, her blue eyes glaring into my soul. She whirled around. Her black hair following behind her as she left the closet. I fell to the floor immediately after the door shut and clutched my stomach.

Two days? Just two days?

Maybe burning things isn't enough anymore?

As the pain subsided after a full minute I decided that tonight I'd burn that shed.


Oof I think I'm gonna go to bed, the chapters are getting sloppy.

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