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   Chapter 6 SIX

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I slept all day and now I can't sleep. It's currently 11:26PM and life is officially dull. I had four missed calls from Adelaide because I was flying and I didn't have my phone, but I was too lazy to call her back.

A walk it is then.

I was still wearing my outfit from earlier and I realized that my black army boots were tearing.

Poor baby.

Shut up, dad. What a prick. Then again, he's the Duke of hell, what else would I expect? That he'd be nice to me because I'm his son? I mean clearly that's too much to ask.

I was walking down the strip of the downtown area when I smelled it. I sniffed the cold air and turned around. A man, brown hair to his shoulders, burly, well built... Except he wasn't a man at all.

"Gabriel." It croaked.

I sighed, "Shapeshifter demon? I thought your kind would stop coming for me, you know, after killing the last ten you've sent my way. Does my blood really mean that much to you? I could give you a tablespoon if you really need it."

It sneered, glaring at me with its black eyes. "Well, come get me then." I smirked as it transformed from the human it was pretending to be and into the hideous red spider like creature that it really was. "Do you mind if we take this into the alley? I don't want people knowing I kill demons in my spare time, it's kind of a turn off, you know?"

I don't know what it is about killing demons, it just puts me in a great, confident mood. The demon growled and changed after me. "I guess that's a no then."

I ran into the nearest alley, cornering myself, but at least if I died, it wouldn't be on a main street. The creature approached

bage, burning the paper.

Demons are a pain in the butt, but my father? He's like a mosquito you can't kill because you he's your family, but the mosquito would gladly suck you blood until you're dead.

Damn, I'm good with metaphors.

How does one go about escaping the pits of hell anyway? Like what the literal hell. Feeling oddly exhausted and definitely not in the mood to stress about this reunion, I plopped into the bed and imagined the light switch once more.


Demon, if you ever do anything like that again I swear you'll regret it.

And what will you do?

I know you feel these urges too. All I have to do, is not burn a building and we're back to square one, you and me.

There was silence for a while, but eventually I heard a, fine.

With that, I dozed off to sleep as if I didn't have a care in the world.


When I first start writing a book, it's like a frenzy. Now I'm regretting making the girl the main character and not the guy, but whatever, I'm too lazy to change it. - I lied, I just changed it, tell me if I missed any changes.

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