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   Chapter 5 FIVE

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If you're not listening to the songs, are you even reading the book?

The library had none of the books I needed so I resorted to using my iPhone 6 along with the school's cheap excuse for Internet.

One presentation done in fifteen minutes with the school wifi on my phone. Now that's high school at its finest.

The bell rang and I headed to first period, meeting Adelaide at the door of English LIT. "Hey, so what happened last night?" Adelaide asked me, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. She wrinkled her nose, just before pushing her glasses up her face.

"Oh right, I don't know, adrenaline rush?" I tried awkwardly.

So you're Edward from Twilight now?


Just saying, you're a demon, not a vampire.

I am not a demon.

"God." I whispered.

"What?" She asked me, a crease forming between her eyebrows.

"Nothing sorry, just muttering random things." I laughed sheepishly, trying to cover up my mistake. "So how did you like the party?" I asked her, knowing that if there's something people love more than themselves, it's talking about themselves.

"Oh, it was great and I was with this guy! He was-" I tuned her out until class started and the teacher entered. I still haven't learnt his name, but he was a pretty mean guy.

A thought planted itself in my mind and I shook it off.

Do it, that nasty voice whispered, you know you want to do it, so do it.

As the teacher went to sit in his spiny chair, it rolled back, causing him to fall to the floor. Everyone laughed, including myself, but I was a little disappointed with myself. Usually I can fight the temptation, but sometimes... It wins.

Everyone was still laughing as the teacher got up, fuming. The girl from my dream came into class late, just to see the teacher rubbing his butt and blushing like a tomato. I doubt anyone noticed her, but I watched as she took the seat nearest to her and acted like she'd been there the whole time.

That was funny, Barbatos commented.

Don't you have someone to be? I wondered, the pits of hell maybe?

If I knew what he looked like, I'd imagine him sneering at me right now. The teacher glared at every one of the students as if it was their fault.

I've got something to show you, the voice whispered. My eyebrows creased in confusion.

The teachers eyes landed on mine and somehow I felt my eyes flare. I could only imagine what he saw. I knew my eyes had gone red and that he'd seen it. I was panicking on the inside, partly because I knew he saw what I'd done, also the fact that I hadn't been the one to do it. It'd been the other part of me, the demon inside me. On the outside, I was as cool as a cucumber, holding it together for my sake.

The teacher paled and I swear his teeth started chattering. "Detention, now!" He exclaimed, staring at me with fear.

"For what?" I questioned innocently. The whole class was looking at me


"F-For moving the c-chair!" He cried, shaking.

"From here?" I asked him, tilting my head. Don't panic, don't panic.

Yeah, don't panic, Gabriel.

Shut up, stupid evil voice, I thought.

"You-Your eyes." He stuttered out, clutching his desk.

"What about them?" I prayed that they were brown again. Well, as brown as they normally were.

"They-They..." He stopped, probably realizing how crazy he sounded. Although the he wasn't crazy at all. "I need to leave, I don't get paid enough for this." The teacher grabbed his belongings and left the classroom a mess. Then the class hooted and hollered, for me or for the teacher I didn't know.

I felt someone staring at me and I turned to look. My eyes met the girl's and she didn't look away, didn't even flinch, just... Stared.

I finally looked away and the class faded away from me. I zoned out, remembering the orphanage. Hiding my wings had been a challenge back then, especially since I didn't have the tape. I used to take my belt and tie it around my waist underneath my pants to keep them in place.

My urges weren't as strong or as frequent. More importantly, the voices weren't so loud. I came back to Earth and the class was having a party, I swear. I sighed, rolling my eyes, and got up from my seat. I opened the door and left the class, using my mind to shut the door behind me. The halls were deserted so I decided to leave. Education was important to me and so were my grades, oddly enough, but we weren't learning anything. Not without a teacher anyway. I began walking home, playing Hay Day on my phone.

I passed someone and I shut my eyes for a moment. I held out my hand while collecting my wheat and their wallet landed in my hand. Immediately, I looked up to see if anyone was around.

Lord, I'm getting reckless.

A laugh boomed in my head and I took a deep breath. I put my phone away and counted the money.

90$ and three credit cards, nice. Thank you... Charlie Monroe.

Nice license picture.

I got home and dropped off my bag. I knew what I needed so I ran as fast as I could, all the way to the dump, just outside the town. Once I knew I was concealed by the excess piles of trash, I pulled off my shirt and ripped off the tape that held my wings in place. I choked back a cry as the pain subsided. In my sweats, I outstretched my wings and exhaled.

In one clean movement, I propelled myself upwards into the clouds. It was a cloudy day and the dark clouds made for perfect cover. I flew into the coverage and lost myself amongst the birds. Flying through clouds is like nothing you've ever felt. It's like... Swimming, but the water is lighter.

After a long while in the clouds, I came back to the dump and put my shirt and awkwardly held my wings to my abdomen. I decided to head back home and eat, I was starving.


Y'all better be listening to the songs I swear.

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