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This is the colour of his eyes^^

I decided to go for a run because my weekly routine consists of battling the occasional demon that poses a threat to my safety. They can smell my angel blood and it draws them to me so naturally I needed to know how to fight.

I still remember the first man who tried to adopt me. He came into the orphanage wearing a trench coat and some black slacks. It was an odd ensemble, even at twelve I gathered that much. I think it was when he transformed from a weird individual to a flesh eating demon was when I realized that this wasn't a man. Yup, definitely the moment.

Ah, the good old days.

I ran fast, and since nothing about me is normal, you can imagine that I was running quite a bit faster than humans. I'm human. God, I so desperately wish to be human.

A smirk grew on my lips. "God." I whispered. No demon can say the Lord's name, so every once in a while, I say his name, just to prove to myself that I'm not a demon and I'm not like them.

Keep telling yourself that.

I sighed and thought, I will, thanks.

I got back to my quaint apartment and examined the place. It wasn't fancy, it was cute though. One room with everything in it. You open the door and bam, there's my bed, my vanity, my mirror, window, and just off to the side is the kitchen. Oh, and of course a small box tv on the counter. The yellow walls were what drew me to this place. Well, that and the low rent.

My phone buzzed as I checked the time. 6:45.

I answered the phone, but quickly distanced myself. "What the hell? You beat up Eric? How did you do that? Why-"

"Can you talk quieter please, Adelaide?" I asked her politely, hardly sweating from my run. Stamina has always been on my side. I don't know if it has to do with my family tree, but it's a thing.

"Are you hungover?" She questioned quieter. I fought the strong urge to scoff.

"No, but you were screaming in my ear." I replied, getting dressed. Sweats and a loose white t-shirt. I taped my wings to my abdomen and sighed, "You looked really hot in that outfit yesterday, where'd you go? You know, after that heroic thing you did?" She inquired, complimenting me. My mother, Lillith, had informed me that I got all my good looks from the angel blood inside me. Her subtle way of saying, I made you a god. Yeah, thanks.

No problem.

Okay, that was rhetorical, but whatever. I mean, I'm literally perfect. I don't want to sound narcissistic, but I'm not joking. My brown hair is soft and it sits perfectly on my head, my eyes a brown, tinted red. My cheekbones are high, my jawline is sharp, my abs are perfectly arranged... Even my eyebrows are perfect, I don't think I've ever plucked an eyebrow in my life, it's ridiculous.

I know this is going to sound ungrateful, but I don't want it all. I feel bad for taking all of this, like I stole it from someone else. I attract too much attention, then again, not all of it is unwanted.

"I had to go, I was covered in blood." I frowned, looking away from my reflection.

"You could've played it off as some kickass angel!" Adela

ide exclaimed as I threw my backpack over my shoulder. Whether I liked it or not, I had homework due that I hadn't done and the school library was open early hours.

"Mhm, I gotta get to the library." I told her and she said she'd see me for first period. I decided to walk, this being a small town and all, I could walk everywhere.

Or you could fly...

That voice wasn't my father, or my mother. It was the demonic part of me, always tempting me to do something I shouldn't do.

Or you could die... I thought back, smirking.

I approached the high school, making my way to the doors. I paused with my fingers on the handle when I heard a hissing noise. I frowned and followed the noise around the building. Fucked up appearance and all, there was the brown haired boy from the party last night. From the side of him I could see, he was pretty beaten and bruised. He was spray painting something onto the brick wall of the school. He shook the can and continued to spray the wall, not noticing me.

I walked closer until I was about ten feet away, that's when his blue eyes looked up and met mine. His eyes seemed to pierce my soul with their intensity - like a fire, but blue.

"What are you doing here?" He hissed as he continued to paint. I walked closer to him, not intimidated.

"I'm here to admire the artwork." I smirked as I came beside him. He was writing "HAPPY NOW?" in huge blue letters. "Who's that for?"

"Who cares?" He questioned aloud.

"Me, obviously. That's why I asked." I retorted, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Why are you here and why the hell are you talking to me?" The boy asked rudely as he stopped painting to look at me. His height was roughly 5'8" and since I was 5'11" I'm going to assume he was trying to intimidating me.


"If you're here for a thank you, you're asking the wrong guy. I was letting him beat me up anyway. You think I can't take a prick like him? He's-" I cut him off just like he did to me.

"I wasn't asking for a thank you, I was going to ask for your name." I deadpanned, rolling my eyes.

"Well you're not getting either." He snapped and returned to his vandalism. He had a duffel bag of paints on the ground beside him so I grabbed a yellow one and thought of what to write as I shook the paint can.

An idea popped into my head.

"What are you doing?" He questioned as I began my artwork.

"You have eyes, use them." If he was going to be rude, then so was I. I drew a curled with the yellow, then drew a halo over top of it. I reached back into the bag and grabbed a red spray paint can. Shaking it, I added horns and a tail in the background. I held my finger to my bottom lip.

"Perfect." I commented, smirking as I walked back around the school and into the library, leaving the boy there to admire my art.


One more power guys, but I'm waiting to reveal it. I was going to try to make Gabriel a positive dude, but then I was like when you've been through what she's been through, there ain't no coming out of that positive. He'll still be nice to some people though.

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