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   Chapter 3 THREE

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I flew through the clouds, feeling free as ever. It'd been a long time since I'd done this, it felt nice.

I smirked and used my powerful wings to propel my body into the atmosphere. Once the air got somewhat light, I folded my wings, and fell.

I closed my eyes for a few moments before opening them again. The lights got closer and I kept falling until I was eye level with the first - and only, skyscraper in the town. I opened my wings and came close to a halt mid air.

Stop being so reckless, Gabriel.

Yes, mother, I rolled my eyes and smiled. I spotted my apartment building and found my open window. A devilish idea popped into my head and I'll blame it on my ancestry, but I was going to follow through with it.

I flew forward and as I approached my window, in a dangerous move, I shut my wings and spiralled through my open window. I landed on the floor in a mangled heap and groaned.


I laughed despite the pain because despite the obvious danger, I loved it. I somewhat struggled to get up, being a lump of limbs and wings and all. Once I stood, I almost felt myself bruising already. Plus, I was pretty sure I'd twisted my ankle. I closed my eyes and focused on my energy flowing to the places where it was needed most.

Slowly but surely, I felt my pain being soothed and my ankle no longer aching. I opened my eyes and looked in my full sized mirror. My stomach and wings were splattered with red and so was my halo - which was crooked by the way. I don't know much about fashion, but God, it was a look.

I threw the pants in the garbage because there was no redeeming it. I took a quick shower and washed my wings with some dove soap because if it works on ducks, it'll work on me, right?

After cleaning myself up, I threw on my burning-buildings clothes -- grey sweatpants and a black hoodie, plus my tape of course, and walked down the stairs to my bike. I realized that I'd forgotten to lock my door so I pictured the lock sliding into place and smiled to myself, gotta love not being human.

If you want to be human so bad, why do you keep differentiating yourself from them?

I didn't have an answer for my mother so I just kept quiet. My source of income was pulling cash and cards from people with my mind so I have a somewhat steady income in my opinion.


I don't particularly like stealing, but if I ever had an urge while I was working, it'd be horrid.

I got on my bike and pedalled to the building on Wellington street. Along the way I spotted a worn down shed behind a shady looking apartment building and decided that I'd burn that next time I needed to.

Once I arrived at the old house, I smiled to myself. The words "EVICTION NOTICE" was written in bold on a sheet of paper, nailed to the door. I looked around and with a smirk formin

g on my lips, I got off my bicycle and fisted my hand. When I opened it again, there was a small flame in my hand. I stepped away from the deteriorating house focused. I imagined the flame growing bigger and it did.

Eventually, I had a full grown fireball in my hand. 3, 2, 1...

I hurled the ball at the building as if it were a baseball and watched as the house nearly exploded. Not from the fire, but from the blow itself. Instantly, I felt calmer and more myself. Not sated, but it was enough.

I'd never been stated before, but I didn't care, as long as it fought off the urge. I remember the first time I had the urge. I was ten years old and I was just discovering my abilities. My dad had talked my through it. I had snuck out of the orphanage and destroyed an empty barn.

Great bonding time for us.

I smiled, somehow I felt more human, which was totally sadistic and crazy, I know, but I felt like a reckless kid, being a hooligan in the night. I heard sirens in the distance and made my way back to my bike. I started pedalling back to my place and once I arrived, I flopped onto my bed.

Who the hell hosts a party on a Sunday night?

When that Sunday night is Halloween.

Wow, thanks for that dad.

I wasn't looking forward to school tomorrow. There were going to be questions, and I didn't like questions.

Then again, maybe everyone will be afraid of me. That'd be kind of nice, not a first though.

I sighed and closed my eyes. I smelled like smoke, but I liked it for some reason. I imagined the light switch and flicked it, plunging into darkness.

A black haired girl was sitting in my apartment watching me curiously. I frowned, looking around. My wings were exposed and I was holding a small flame in my hand. I gasped and shut my hand, all the whole wrapping my wings around my body.

"Why are you hiding from me?" She asked me, standing up. "You've already showed me before."

"W-What?" I asked, flabbergasted. I backed away from him until I hit the wall. She kept approaching me. I shut my eyes and sent her flying back onto my bed. "Stay away from me!"

I awoke in a cold sweat. Most people would just brush off the dream, but unfortunately for me, my dreams aren't just dreams. They're the future.

I've never had a dream that hasn't come true. Every single one has always found a way to occur. One time I had a dream about a girl who jumped of a cliff and it didn't happen right away, but in two years, it did.

I almost teared up, remembering the girl, but I looked over at the clock and found it to be 5:30AM.

Good enough for me.


So far, our Gabriel can see the future, hold fire, fly, move things with his mind, can heal himself, and is quite strong. Truth be told, there are only two more things he can do so let's get into it.

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