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   Chapter 2 TWO

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We arrived at the party in what was probably awkward silence but my parents had started arguing in my head again.

Look, our son is probably the most powerful being out there, aside from God alone.

And? What's wrong with that? He just doesn't know how to use his powers yet.

Why couldn't you have fallen before I fucked you? Now he has all your angelic powers and shit.

I decided to pitch in because I can do that, you know, because it's my damn head! Hey guys, so could you like shut up for a couple hours? I was a mistake, this shouldn't have happened, yada yada... It's not a great confidence booster, ya know?

They didn't reply and I was satisfied. Eric left me practically as soon as we entered the door. It reeked of demons in this place. That - or the air freshener was lemon scented. I'm going to pray that it was the latter. I made my way through the sweaty bodies and found the kitchen.

I may not be immortal, but I can't get drunk which really sucks when you're 18 and you're trying to forget your problems. Or rather your parents'.

I could see the stash of alcohol on the counter, but I lost sight of it as someone rammed into me from the side. If it weren't for my inhuman reflexes, I would've gone tumbling to the floor, but I guess it's a good thing I'm not entirely human, isn't it?

I grabbed the wall and the man that had hit me, went falling to the floor. Eric stood over him, glaring down at him angrily. I watched as Eric got on his knees and punched the guy in the face repeatedly. The boy's features, although beaten, were sharp. Jawline, cheekbones, eyebrows, even his hairline was sharp, if that was even possible. His brown hair was tinged with blood and I decided to step in.

I didn't want another problem on my hands, knowing that I could've stopped this. "Stop." I demanded, giving poor Eric a shot to take a break. He was clearly too fury ridden to hear me. By now, a crowd had formed and I sighed.

I won't even get my damn alcohol.

I grabbed Eric's hair and pulled it back. Being stronger than the average human, Eric's head flew back, his body following soon after. The black haired boy was laying on the floor, drifting in and out of consciousness. He didn't seem to be putting up a fight and I wondered what had happened.

"What the fuck, Gabriel?" Eric asked, gripping his scalp tenderly.

"I told you to stop before, I guess you should've listened." I shrugged, bending down to help the boy on the floor. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Eric fuming. I swear, he almost brushed his foot on the floor like a bull before charging. Humans, so predictable. I like to do everything I can to feel human, but humans are in truth, extremely predictable if you know where to look. At least some demons posed a challenge.

Eric threw himself at me and dove out of the way, sending him flying to the floor. I had also dropped the boy getting out of the way. The brown haired kid groaned but stayed down as I got up. "You'd attack a guy while he's down? Tsk." I tutted as Eric got up.

He spat blood off to the side on someone's poor carpet as he circled me. I sighed and didn't move, standing still as he circled me as if I were the prey in this situation. A real predator doesn't need to play games. Albeit they're fun, but at the mo

ment I was more concerned about this kid bleeding on the floor.

Usually I'd be all up for a fun game of who thinks that they're good enough to beat the angel blooded demon, because I'm pretty sure that's what I am, but now I'm just being cynical. This is what happens when I don't do something bad for a long amount of time. It sounds ridiculous, believe me, I know, but I get angry and short tempered, like a girl on her menstrual cycle without chocolate.

I really need to burn that building now.

Eric took a swing my way while I was zoned out and I narrowly missed the blow by ducking low. My wings subconsciously and I prayed that everyone was too busy watching Eric to notice. I faintly recognized the boy, but I didn't know him. At least I don't think I do.

Where's the popcorn when you need it?

Shut up, dad.

I didn't feel like foreplay so I while I was low, I swung my leg around and took his feet out from under him. People say love makes you weak, but in all honesty, anger does. It blinds you and controls you.

Eric fell to the floor once more, his nose now bleeding. He glared up at me and I offered him a hand because unlike most people, I try to be honourable. Instead of taking my hand, Eric pulled, bringing me down on top of him. Moron.

Using the force of him pulling me down, I pulled back my fist and slammed it into his face, knocking him out cold. The crowd around us 'ooh'ed and 'ahh'ed, but then Seth came down.

"What the fuck? My fucking floor!" Seth exclaimed, pushing through the crowd. When his eyes landed on me and Eric, he sighed. I knew Seth hated Eric so I was pretty much doing him a favour. I got off of Eric just as the brown haired boy stumbled to his feet.

I rushed over to help him.

"Bastard ruined my outfit." I muttered under my breath, looking down at my blood splattered pants and stomach. I tried to help the boy, but he recoiled from me. "... And my wings."

"I don't need your help." He said angrily, running a bloody hand through his hair.

"Clearly. Where did I misread the signs?" I deadpanned. "Seth can you take care of him?"

Seth nodded. We weren't close friends, but we talked occasionally. Seth walked beside the boy and brought him upstairs. The music had stopped sometime during the fight and someone had started it back up again. Everyone seemed to shrug it off and started dancing again.

"Gabriel?" I heard Adelaide call somewhere in the crowd. My eyes widened and I quickly headed to the alcohol once more and grabbed a some whiskey as I went out the back door. No one was in the backyard because it was a particularly chilly night. I went to the side of the house where there was a tall fence so it would cover most of my ascension. Another wave hit me like a truck and this time I did double over. I clutched my stomach and looked up at the moon. With the feeling still faintly in my stomach, I let my wings carry me off my feet as I lifted off the ground and flew into the night.

I knew it was careless, but I needed to do something and fast.


So the feeling high key triggers some personality change because he's usually chill and more human like, but the urges make him a little crazy.

I'm changing the character to be a guy so tell me if I miss any hims or hers, thanks!

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