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"It's the halloween party!" Adelaide screeched through the phone. "What are you going as?"

"An angel." I smirked to myself, almost laughing at the inside joke. Moving from place to place every year allowed me to always be the same thing.

"Oh! Put me on FaceTime so I can see your costume!" She said excitedly, I could practically see her bouncing on her heels.

"Okay, you show me first though, I still have to put the wings on." I lied, putting her on FaceTime. I put my phone on the bed so I could see her, but she couldn't see me.

"Okay." She appeared on the screen in a devils costume and I laughed as I ripped off the tape around my abdomen. I held back a cry. It's really uncomfortable because it clings to the feathers, but I had to wear it to conceal myself.

Wouldn't you like to just jump out your window and fly away? I ignored the voice and kept getting ready.

As I removed the tape from my bare abdomen, I took a much needed deep breath. My white feathery wings unfolded from around my waist and spread out. I stretched them a little, giving myself a small smile in the mirror. They were about three feet long in each direction, fluffy and white as ever. I really wanted to fly, but the thought of getting caught terrified me.

"Are you gonna show me your costume now?" Adelaide asked me impatiently.

"Yeah." I replied, putting my halo headband on my dark brown hair. I held up my phone and allowed her to see every aspect of the outfit.

Look at you, running year after year, it's pathetic. I waved my hand around in the air as if that'd get rid of the voices.

Leave him alone, Barbatos.

He's my son, I'll do what I want, Lillith.

You forget that he's my son too.

My so-called parents kept arguing in my head, but I tried my best to tune them out. The only way they could communicate with me is through my mind. They're both trapped in hell at the moment, or so they told me. Everything that I know about myself was from their voices telling me.

"Wow, where'd you get those wings? They look so real..." You have no idea, I thought to myself. I'd only been in the this town for two months and I was already growing somewhat restless. This town was smaller than what I usually go for, but I figured that I could try something new. Clearly it didn't turn out well.

"This guy named Fabreece made them for me." I lied once more watching myself in the mirror. I was wearing black pants and no shirt, classic.

You look handsome, son.

Thanks, mom. Our relationship was quite chaotic, but she could be nice when she wanted to be. After all, she did steal children for quite a while.

"Fabreece sounds like a guy who'd be good at making angel wings."

"I'll meet you at the party?" I suggested, putting her back on call. Halloween night was demon central and they wouldn't be getting my blood tonight. A few years back I watched the Supernatural series and they were surprisingly accurate with their knowledge. I shoved a pocket knife into my pocket and sighed.

"Yeah, see ya." I hung up and threw my in a white clutch that I was bringing. I nearly doubled over as the urge

to do something evil came over me. I clutched the chair so tightly that the wood started to bend slightly and I looked up at my reflection. My eyes gleamed red and I hissed at the mirror. When the feeling passed, I released the poor chair and stood straight. I smoothed out my pants and thought, fine, I'll burn that building on Wellington street later, alright?

My eyes returned to their usual brown with only a tint of red and I sighed. If Barbatos wasn't the Duke of Hell, I probably wouldn't have these urges. Thanks a lot, dad.

I decided that I'd walk to the party because it was close enough and I don't think I've ever been a normal teenage boy anyway.

I left my apartment without a jacket because quite frankly, I like the cold. As I was walking to the party, I heard a whimpering in the bush. I narrowed my eyes and approached it slowly. Underneath the leaves, was a little puppy whining. I frowned and picked it up. Focusing, I asked it, "What's wrong?"

Barba- my father, had the ability to talk to animals so I guess I can thank him for that too.

To anyone else, they would've heard barking, but when the sound hit my ears I heard it say, "There's something in my paw."

I lifted its paws and examined them. Indeed, there was a thorn in its right paw. "This is going to hurt, but it'll be over soon, okay?"

The puppy seemed to almost nod as I yanked the thorn out of its paw. It whimpered, but barked a thank you at me. I sighed, if only I knew how to heal people other than myself. I decided to give it a shot. I closed my eyes and imagined my energy at my fingertips. I could feel the warmth pooling in my fingers and I imagined it leaving my fingers and going into the dog. To no avail as the puppy sat in my hands, still wounded.

"Sorry little buddy." I sighed, putting it down and standing up. My back hit something and I whirled around, ready to fight.

"Woah there." The figure said, holding his hands up in surrender. I could faintly make out his frame, but the street light above was oddly blinding. "You going to the Seth's party?"

I nodded somewhat comprehensively. "Great, me too. We can walk together."

"You're walking?" I questioned, as he motioned for me to walk with him.

"Aren't you?" He retorted, looking over at me. Every time we passed under a street light, I looked over at him to drink in his features. He had blonde hair that was slicked back to fit his vampire costume - the cape gave it away. I had noticed that when he looked over at me, he had bright green eyes.

"What's your name?" He asked me, looking my way.

"Gabriel." I answered, smirking. It was a joke between my mother and my father. They figured that since they were both somewhat evil that naming me after an angel would be fucking hilarious.

Well I'm laughing now.

"My name's Eric incase you were asking." Eric said sassily. I cringed, was he hitting on me or was this just... Him?

"Sorry, I zoned out."


I've never written fantasy, but I mean I'm trying here. I'm trying to incorporate details into how he is and who she is, because he's really powerful and I'm trying to explain why.

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