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   Chapter 32 Shortest Epilogue Ever EDITED

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Updated: 2018-06-05 04:03

Since you guys already strongly dislike me for writing my feelings on love, go check out Girl Astray or Kiss me: Kill me by @NatalieJennifer7. Personal recommendation for messing with your heads :)

Also, sorry for the sarcastic comments and rudeness, people hating on my art kind of makes me sad and sarcasm is how I deal with emotions. Therefore, apologies in advance, I swear I'm usually nicer. I think. Anyway, thanks for toning down your comments. While the comments might not be considered hateful, "This endings sucks, I like the old version better, " still doesn't make me happy to read. I understand you liked the old version better, and I'm sorry you decided on your own terms to put yourself through this book. Again, they aren't hateful, but if your intention was to make me sad and somewhat angry, you have succeeded. I guess I was ready for the comments when I published this, but there's really no way to prepare. I'll let you get back to the book now, thanks.

Two months later

I walked through the apartment with a cup of tea in my hands, my boyfriend following close behind me. "So, what do you think?" He asked me.

I turned around and smiled at him. "It's perfect." He returned my grin and leaned down. I stood on my tippy toes and met him in the middle. Our lips met and it started out soft and delicate. As he

I inquired as his eyelids drooped.

"T-Trey." He stuttered out. My jaw dropped and I covered my mouth with my hands. Surely he couldn't mean he'd done this to him, right?

"I still love you, A-Amy." He finished as his eyes closed. I looked up to the sky, but something caught my eye. I squinted in the rain, trying to make out what it was. If my eyes hadn't deceived me, there was a man wearing a hood in the bushes by Trey's house. I wanted to run and get him, but I needed to spend these few moments with Asher.

"No, Asher, no!" I cried, weeping with him in my arms. I bawled and dragged him into the house to keep his body warm. When the paramedics arrived I was in shock and I couldn't process what'd happened. I told them what I'd saw in Trey's garden and they put one of those shock blankets on me as if that'd help.

Then I whispered quietly, "I still love you too, Asher."

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