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   Chapter 30 Strap on Some Bombs EDITED

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I saw Trey unconscious behind him, blood spilling from his head. Trey's own father had hit him. I saw the glint of metal in his hand and took notice of the gun. Even though I was cold and soaked, I started to sweat. I worried for Trey's wellbeing. I knew that he wasn't shot because there had been no gunfire, but who knows, maybe he hit him too hard.

"Don't worry, lover boy is fine." He said with a smirk. I remembered from the file that his name was Charles.

'We're not dating..." I muttered. He ignored me and I frowned angrily. Remembering how to punch, like my dad had taught me long ago, I threw my arm back and swung.


I screamed as the bullet pierced my shoulder. The pain seared through my body and I cried out, hoping someone would hear me. I wondered what Troy was doing at this moment. Whether he knew what was happening or not. I held my shoulder as the tears ran down my face. Trey stirred a little, but nothing major.

The two grey haired men jumped out of a van and picked Trey up. They came back for me and I flailed around as best I could without injuring myself further.

My vision started to blur from the pain in my shoulder. I could see the redness of the blood on my hand.

I looked up and saw four men sitting down. Both grey haired men, Charles, and... Troy?

"Troy?" I croaked out, my voice hoarse from yelling. "What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry Amy." He apologized, not sounding very sincere as the van started to drive.

"Sorry for what? What are you doing?" I questioned, extremely confused.

"He struck a deal with me." Troy admitted, not looking regretful or sorrowful.

"What kind of deal?" I demanded, cradling my arm. The grey haired men were glaring at me, but I ignored them.

"One time when he found us, I was fed up. I decided that once Trey had found someone, I'd tell him

ddenly, there was a scratching sound at the door.

I crawled towards it as best I could with the amount of injuries that I had. Trey seemed to be following me and all of a sudden, the door was pulled open.

Asher's met mine and he looked fine. His car however, was quite beaten. He grabbed my arm that wasn't shot, thankfully, and pulled me out. I reached back, but Asher stopped me.

I sighed and then coughed up some blood. I saw Trey give Asher an appreciative glance before limping over to my body. Asher never said a word as he helped us into the back of his car. He started to drive and I shook with shock. I couldn't come to the reality of what just happened.

"How'd you know where we were?" I couldn't stop myself from asking as he turned off the highway towards the hospital. I was so shocked that I couldn't even recall half of the events that had just played out.

"I was going to pick you up for work, then I saw you walking with him and I, well, I kind of followed you." He said awkwardly. I would've been slightly creeped out had his stalkish tendencies not saved our lives.

"Well, thank you." I leaned forward painfully and placed a kiss on his cheek.

You almost killed yourself with those bombs!

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