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   Chapter 29 Glass Walls EDITED

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Amy's POV

I brought Trey towards my lunch table, where Layla and Jade sat there in shock. Trey sat down beside me with a smile on his face, identical to mine. I saw Chad sit in his usual spot and I called, "Chad, come sit!"

He looked up in confusion. I'm assuming he hasn't seen Trey without his hood yet. He walked over slowly, looking around nervously. I chuckled a little at the sight. Jade moved over to Layla's side of the bench and Chad took her old seat. He looked at Trey oddly before shaking his head.

"Chad?" I asked, causing him to look up. "Aren't you gonna say hello to Trey?"

He gasped at the revelation before smiling widely. "I knew she'd get through to you, bro!" He exclaimed excitedly. I looked over at Layla, only to find her curling her hair around her finger and basically drooling in the table.


"Ash, do you want to go out tonight?" I asked once we had a spare moment. The diner was oddly packed for a weeknight.

"Yeah sure, where at?" He smiled down at me. He had some flour from making pizza near his mouth so I reached up and slowly wiped it away. His smile grew into a smirk and I grinned. He didn't mask his emotions as often anymore.

"How about the beach?" I suggested, heading into the pantry to find some ingredients. Maria decided to add a new item to the menu and now I had to learn how to make gelato.

"You know it's April, right?" He asked disbelievingly. I nodded with a smile and he returned it with a laugh. "Alright, whatever you want, babe."

I poured the ingredients into the bow

y and asked if he wanted to go for a walk. I was proud of Trey for coming to school without his hood, though now all the girls knew how attractive he was which was kind of annoying. Since I hang out with him, I'm their number one bully target.

My skinny jeans clung to my skin as Trey and I walked together. I'd convinced him that we needed exercise so he agreed to come.

Well, I needed the exercise, he was doing just fine. I reached into my backpack and pulled out a bag of animal crackers.

"You still eat those?" He questioned with a laugh. His hood was pulled down and he held an umbrella for the both of us. I was ecstatic and he seemed to be generally happier.

"Well duh, why don't you try one?" I asked him, looking straight ahead. Suddenly, the rain felt like it was hitting me a little harder. I looked to the side, eyeing Trey, only to find that he wasn't there. I turned around and found myself face to face with the man Trey used to call his father.

Glass walls so that they can see what they'll never get.

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