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   Chapter 27 More Barriers EDITED

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I smiled as Amy hugged a pillow to her chest on the chair across from me. Ryan Gosling smirked at Emma Stone on the TV as we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. "I'll grab popcorn while I'm downstairs." I told Amy, not even bothering to grab my hood. She looked up at me, her big green eyes gleaming as she nodded. I grinned and went downstairs, leaving the comfort of the couch.

The person rang again, "I'm coming, I'm coming." I grumbled. Opening the door, the grin fell from my face.

"Get away." I demanded, shaking a little. His blue eyes and his brown hair reminded me too much of Troy. God knows where that boy is when I need him.

"Aww come on. That's no way to treat me." He said with a cocky smirk, taking an uninvited step into the house. I wanted to shut the door and go back up to Amy, but I just couldn't. I knew we were just friends, but I liked her more than that, I wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Oh my God, Amy is here.

I started mentally cursing as the man roamed the kitchen. "God, is this rotten cheese?" He asked, taking a block of fuzzy blue cheese out of the fridge.

"It's a shame that your mother didn't have the time to teach you better." He snickered as I used every working muscle in my body to prevent me from pouncing on him.

"Oh, and who is this lovely lady?" He questioned, though he as now around the kitchen so I couldn't see him. I rushed around the kitchen and found him staring at Amy.

"Uh- sorry Trey. It's just that you were taking a little while and I heard voices..." She trailed off, fiddling with the end of her shirt. I couldn't t

taunted further.

Suddenly, Amy's small frame stood between us, stopping him from coming any closer. "You get the fuck away-" She started. I'd completely forgot that she was here.

"-And don't ever come back." She started to shove him towards the door. He clearly wasn't putting up much of a fight, but the sick bastard seemed to be enjoying it a little too much.

Once he was out the door, Amy yelled after him, "I swear to God, if you come back, I'll throw you into the meat mincer at the diner!"I laughed a little, but soon enough, the tears started to roll down my face as the memories came flooding back. The door slammed and Amy came rushing back. I could tell that she wanted to ask that was, but she refrained.

She didn't see anything, she just wrapped her arms around me and laid against me.


"Ask what?" She asked, looking up.

"The question." A spark of realization flashed in her eyes and she looked solumn.

"Who was that?"

I took a deep breath, "My father."


You may have broken the walls, but now you have to face the barriers inside.

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