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   Chapter 25 Ash Walls EDITED

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My four hour shift with Ash was super awkward. Every time I came in to make a pizza, he'd leave to take an order. Every time I'd wait for him in the kitchen, he'd suddenly pop of to deliver a pizza. In fact, he made sure I hardly saw him, if I did, he'd be glaring at me.

Finally, at the end of my shift, I saw him going into the kitchen and I quickly told my customers to wait a moment- very unprofessional, I know- and ran into the kitchen. "Ash!" I called out as he headed to the back of the kitchen. "Asher!" I cried out again. This time, he whipped back so fast that I almost fell backwards.

"What." He spat, glowering at me. Once again, he'd put his hood back on. Great.

"Please, talk to me." I begged even though I had no plan for what I'd actually say if he would hear me out.

"About what?" He demanded, tapping his foot impatiently as I looked up at him. His Amber eyes were blank as I watched him.

"Anything, just please." I pleaded, ready to get down on my knees and beg. I didn't know why he was ignoring me. Was it because of what happened in the parking lot? Ash's nose was red and his eye was becoming discoloured.

"Why did you kiss him on the cheek?" He questioned, finally, an emotion showed in his eyes. It was sadness and for a moment, I wondered whether I preferred that, or nothing at all. It didn't matter because I moment was all it lasted before he composed himself and covered it up. I sighed.. Ash was loving, caring, he'd be there for me,

eaking of which, I haven't had any in a long while...

I decided that the next time my dad or I went shopping, I'd have to ask for some delicious animal crackers. "Why the giraffe?"

"I like biting their heads off." He smiled sheepishly and I laughed. He's like a six year old in a teenager's body. "What about you?"

"I like the elephants." I answered, still grinning.

"And why is that?" He inquired, looking over at me for a second.

"Because they're bigger." I reasoned, looking over at him with a small smile. I realized that the more I got to know him, the more we had in common. It was rather... nice. We kept driving and although the drive was short, we got a lot of conversation in. I found out that his birthday was January 14th and that he was eighteen, when his parents bought the restaurant. Apparently they immigrated from Italy when he was three.

Maybe they've both broken your walls, now it's just the landmines of your past that keep them from your heart.

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