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   Chapter 22 Did Your Break His Walls, Or Him EDITED

The Hooded Figure By Natasha Larson Characters: 5237

Updated: 2018-06-05 03:54

After I dropped that bomb on Trey yesterday, he just sat there in silence until he decided to leave. It was kind of awkward for me though.

Asher texted me and told me that we'd be going to a park for our date which was perfect, I liked the outdoors. I wore dark ripped jeans with a white t-shirt, covered by a leather jacket. I threw on my black toms and got into his cute fiat.

"Hey, Amy." Ash welcomed, kissing my hand as I sat down.

"Hey, Ash." I replied, smiling at the cute gesture. He took me to a park that I've never been to before. It was a fifteen minute drive to this small park that overlooked the city. Looking around, I found that we'd taken the same road that Trey took me on the first time we hung out together.

In fact, if we went up the road a little farther, we'd be able to go to the cliff spot.

Shaking away that thought, I hadn't even noticed that Asher had come around to my door and opened it for me. I grinned and got out, taking his outstretched hand as he shut my door.

He led me to the swings that were placed close to the edge. There were fences lining the cliff so that you wouldn't fall, but the view was flawless. We swung for a little bit while we asked each other questions. Simple question though. At one point, I know it was inevitable, "What's your favourite animal cracker?" I blurted.

"I'm Italian, I don't eat animal crackers." Asher laughed and I frowned. Who the hell doesn't eat animal crackers? Those things are the shit! I'll have to give him some at one point in this relationship. That's the only way it

t. "Are you going to take over the restaurant when you're older?"

He seemed to think about it for a moment. "I'm not sure. I want to pursue a career in sciences, but I don't want to let go of the restaurant. My parents worked hard for that place, I don't want to waste their efforts." He told me. He continued looking at the view while I looked at him. I admired the way his jawline arched and how his brown hair fell loosely. He then turned his head and caught me staring. I smiled guiltily before looking back at the sunset. Asherleaned back on the bars and put his hand over mine as I copied his movement. We then watched the stars fade into view before heading home.

When he drove me home, I was half asleep already. He came and opened the door for me like the gentlemen I learned he was, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Goodnight." I said. "I had a great time, thank you."

"Me too." He replied, getting back into his fiat.

Not everyone has ten foot walls to break, stop breaking other people while trying to find them.

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