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   Chapter 21 Build Your Walls Out of Sticks EDITED

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It had started to rain five minutes after I started to walk back which was great. Now, I was soaking wet as I marched right up to Trey's door.

I knocked as hard as I could, hurting my knuckles in the process. Troy came to the door, clearly taking his time. When he opened the door with dishevelled brown hair and groggy eyes I strode past him. "C'mon in." He muttered under his breath though I caught it.

I walked up to Trey room with purpose and slammed open the door. It made a loud noise, effectively waking Trey. "Living room." I said, not even looking past the door. I walked downstairs and saw Troy making some coffee.

"Want some?" He asked as if we'd been friends for a while. I sneered at him and pointed to the living room. He just shrugged and continued making his coffee. I stood in front of the two chairs that they had in the 'living room'.

"Now you want to talk? How about when I was invited over, that would've been nice." I told him sarcastically, but he said nothing and kept his eyes on his drink. Troy took a seat and Trey came down soon after with a hoodie on.

"Now, I've some fucking questions that are gonna get answered." I said angrily, pacing slightly.

"And what might those be, love?" Troy asked.

"What are you, a bipolar bear?" I asked rhetorically, rolling my eyes. "Who the fuck has been following me and taking pictures of me?" I demanded, glaring at both of them with anger and unanswered questions.

"Someone's been following you?" Troy asked at the same time that Trey said, "Don't kid yourself, you're pretty, but not that pretty."

A pain that I've never quite felt before spread through my body, but I tried to ignore it. Why did I care? Why all of a sudden? What event could've trigger

, I laughed.

"I will date whoever I like, who are you to tell me otherwise?" At this he stayed silent, just like I thought. Suddenly, a flash came from outside my window. I looked towards it and saw a camera attached to a super long selfie stick. "Fuck off!" I cried, forgetting about my dad for a moment before clasping my hands over my mouth.

Trey was also looking the direction of the camera. The camera was quickly taken down and I looked out my window to find the same grey haired man running away. If Trey was concerned or shocked, he didn't show it on what was visible of his face. "What was the 'holy fucking shit' for?" He asked again. Unable to keep it in the dark anymore, I caved.

"Trey..." I started, still slightly unsure if I should tell him or not.

"Fucking tell me!" He shouted, obviously not caring if my dad woke up.

"Keep your voice down!" I hushed him, sitting on my bed with him taking a seat beside me. "And don't talk to me like that."

"Just tell-" I clamped my hand over his mouth, rolling my eyes.

"Trey, I think I met your father."

Sticks and stone can break your bones, why would you build a wall out of them?

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