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   Chapter 20 Are Your Walls Made of Straw EDITED

The Hooded Figure By Natasha Larson Characters: 5420

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"Layla, I already told Jade, so here we go." I said, pressing the phone up to my face, tears silently streaming down my face. I choked on a sob as I started to explain. "There's been this black van following me. I don't know why, but it is. People are taking pictures of me or God knows what and I just- I'm scared."

"Oh, honey. I can't assure you that it'll be alright-" great, thanks Layla, "-but I can tell you that you won't go through it alone, I promise." Layla said, making me smile through my tears.

"Maybe they think you're your mother...?" Layla suggested and I force at the mention of her.

"Why would they think that? And why would they be after her?" I questioned, angry that she'd think my mother was some sort of criminal.

"Because she was an addict Amy! She left because of her debt and her longing for drugs, you can't seriously expect that to just disappear along with her!" Layla cried into the phone. I dropped my phone in realization before a wave of sadness washed over me. I guess we weren't worth trying to fix anything...

"Yeah... Yeah, you're right." I admitted, "I'll see you at school on Monday." And with that I hung up, my head hung low on my shoulders as I slumped in my chair. I rolled onto my bed and crying myself to sleep, I slept through the night for the first time in weeks.


"I'm here!" I announced as I entered the kitchen, all reminants from last nights events were gone. No one answered as the doors swung shut behind me. Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and I yelled in fear. Until the attacker laid me down on the floor, I flailed in their


Marco then came rushing in, "What are you two lovebirds doing? We have customers to serve!"

Remembering that I had a job to do, I sprung into action. At this point, I made pizzas as quickly as Maria did. We did our work in comfortable silence and once it was time to go, I confirmed my address with Asher and gave him my phone number.

I arrived at home without hearing any clicks which was nice. More than nice actually. I enjoyed walking home without feeling stalked. Especially- click.

I whipped around and saw the culprit running down the street. I chased him out of anger even though I knew I was being reckless. I saw a glimpse of the man. He had grey hair and brown eyes as he sprinted onwards. We were basically back at the mall when I finally gave up. Wasn't he the guy from the diner?

For a man who looked to be in his fifties, he was in damn good shape. I held my side as I felt a cramp coming on and walked home.

Somebody's got some explaining to do because I want answers and I want them now.

You know that piggy got his walls blown away, right?

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