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   Chapter 19 Photographed Walls EDITED

The Hooded Figure By Natasha Larson Characters: 5766

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I went to school that day only half there and half in my bed, sleeping. I hadn't gotten a wink of sleep last night me the bags under my eyes were totally visible. At least I didn't forget to set my alarm for once.

The only thing I really paid attention to today was the fact that Trey wasn't here again. Thankfully, it was Friday and I wouldn't have to deal with people until Monday. I didn't mind the people at work. Maria and Marco were kind and sweet while Asher was... Asher.

What was Asher?

Asher was charismatic, sweet, hot no doubt, hard-working as far as I could tell. I didn't actually know too much about him.

I entered the restaurant after school and threw on my apron once more. Today I get my pay check and I'm really excited, I haven't had a good shopping spree in forever!

I entered the kitchen and Asher was already there preparing a pizza. "Do you even go to school?" I teased, smiling as he whipped his head up in my direction. A smile broke out on his face once he saw me and I felt tingly all over.

"That depends." He replied cryptically, continuing to put sauce on his pizza.

"On what?" I questioned, approaching him slowly, a confidence I didn't have before was surging through my veins.

"Whether I feel like going or not." He taunted, smiling down at me.

"Oh, such a bad boy." I teased once more, my smile not once leaving my face.

"You know it." He said with a wink. "I could do some very, very bad things to you, Amy."

His eyes darkened and my smile slowly turned into a mischievous smirk. His promise of naughty words peaked my interest and I felt myself lean towards him. "What kinds of things?" I hummed, looking up at him, watching his eyes turn shades darker.

"I t

le, but it wasn't.

It read, Thank you for the food, we look forward to seeing you again, soon. Goodbye Amy.

I was being skeptically, what did they mean that they see me again? Were they planning on coming back to the restaurant?

I tried to shrug it off as I washed some dishes before collecting my pay check and leaving. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets once I saw the sum on the check. I'd earned two-hundred dollars this week for working approximately twenty four hours!

I smiled to myself as I walked home in the dark. I popped in my headphones and listened to Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara as I neared my house. This time, I didn't hear the camera click, but the perp forgot to shut off the flash. Or they needed the flash on. Either way the flash was on.

It came from behind me so I whipped around and saw no one. I all but sprinted home after that. This is getting way out of hand. The notes, the pictures, the nanny cam, I need to tell someone. I'm not sure who, but someone needs to know just in case something happens to me.

Maybe this creepy dude is just scoping out your walls...? Nope, still creepy.

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