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   Chapter 18 What About Your Walls EDITED

The Hooded Figure By Natasha Larson Characters: 6299

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To my surprise, Maria started laughing too, just before she grabbed the entire container of flour and dumping it on my head. I stopped laughing immediately and grabbed a handful of flour off of my head. I looked at it as if it were the pain of my existence before chucking it at Asher with a laugh.


After running around the kitchen and throwing flour each other for a while, Maria made us clean up the kitchen together. I grabbed the broom and Asher grabbed the dust pan.

I moved the flour from the floor to the pan systematically and repeatedly. After fifteen minutes of sweeping, my shoe slipped off my foot so I reached for the counter to stabilize myself when I fixed it. Unfortunately, I missed the counter and went tumbling towards the floor.

I closed my eyes as I waited for the an unbearable pain to explode upon impact, but instead of hitting the hard tile floor, I landed perfectly in two arms. I opened my eyes and found my green eyes staring into Asher's amber ones. I licked my lips subconsciously and his eyes darted towards the small movement. His eyes turned a few shades darker before meeting my eyes again.

"Asher..." I trailed off, not quite sure what to say.

"Ash." He said, confusing me a little. "Call me Ash." He clarified, not letting go of me.

I smiled at his nickname. "Well, Ash-" I didn't get out the rest of whatever I was saying because Ash started to lean down towards my face. I felt his lips brush mine just as the kitchen doors slammed open. We jumped apart making him drop me onto the cold floor.

I groaned as my head hit the floor with a thud. I rubbed it as I propped myself up on my elbow. I looked over at Ash who was looking at me apologetically. I them turned to the intruder at the doors. Marco looked between use confusedly before saying, "I was just coming to tell you that your shift was over, I guess now was a bad


"What teddy bear?" My dad asked, making me freeze in place.

"The one on my bed?" I added, getting more creeped out by the second.

"Not me, sorry." My dad said, looking at me with a worried expression on his face.

"Oh, it was probably just Asher then." I lied, sprinting upstairs before he could ask who Asher was. I ran into my room and turned on the lights. I held the bear in my hands and looked at it.

Really looked at it.

Looking it in the eyes, I saw that his pupil was silver and mechanical looking. There was. Gleam to it that wasn't just plastic...

A camera?

Sheer panic crept into my chest at the thought of someone watching me. It might've been the people who have been following me. The thought made me sweat.

"Leave me the fuck alone." I said to it before throwing it out the window.

That night I didn't sleep for fear that someone was watching me. I'd searched the room several times to see if anything was new or out of place. Even when I found none, I felt that I was still being watched. This intense feeling of paranoia kept me awake the entire night.

One question haunted my mind: Who could be behind this?

You've been so busy trying to break other people's walls that you forgot to build your own.

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