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   Chapter 16 More Walls EDITED

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I woke up the next morning feeling like death. After getting ready, I walked outside and started to walk to school, exercise is good, I guess. It was still a little chilly and I hadn't grabbed a jacket. Thankfully, today I didn't have any classes with Trey.

It was only when I turned the last corner in my way to school did I notice a shady black van following me. I quickened my pace and it sped up a little. I started to worry so when I arrived at school, I was relieved to see the van turn the other way.

I'm probably just imagining things. Right, I need to stop. I walked into school, taking a deep breath as I gathered my courage.


James wasn't here today which was odd, not that I was complaining. Jade and Layla gossiped at lunch and I just watched Trey and Chad whisper amongst each other. At the end of the day, I started heading home.

I walked around the corner, away from the parking lot, but someone wrapped their fingers around my arm. They ripped me back and I hit a rock hard chest. I looked up and found Trey's shadowed face. I could make out a pair of caribbean blue eyes and I gasped. An unfamiliar feeling of butterflies erupted in my stomach, but I fought them off.

"What the hell are you doing?" I demanded, pushing him off me.

"I-I'm sorry." he swiftly turned around and walking off the school grounds.

"What the hell, Trey?" I called out, but he blatantly ignored me. I huffed and turned back to where I was headed. I clutched my stomach, the butterflies turning into bees, stinging the inside of my stomach. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket so I took it out and accepted the call even though it was from an unknown number.

"Ciao, Amy! Can you come work today?" Maria's Italian voice spoke through the phone. Thank god, a distraction from this suspicious situation.

"I'd love too! I'll be right over." I said, hanging up without a goodbye. Oops.

The mall isn't

I cried in anguish. It was only until I heard the boy's groan that I remembered he was there. "You killed my pizzas!" I accused, running a hand through my brown hair that I'd forgotten to tie back.

"What?" The boy mumbled, opening his eyes. He was the hot delivery guy who dropped off my pizza! And I nearly rendered him unconscious with the door, brilliant Amy.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I hit you in the face with a door and the only thing I can think about is my damn pizzas!" I said, realizing how dumb I sounded. I offered him a hand which he took. He wobbled a bit as he stood up, holding his head.

"I'm Amy and I'm really sorry." I apologized once more, watching his muscles flex under his apron and black tank.

"I'm Asher, and it's not a problem. For a moment I thought I was in heaven because the first thing I saw was an angel." He said, kissing my hand. There was a trace of an Italian accent in his voice, but it wasn't very prominent. "Hey, didn't I deliver pizza to your place a while back?"

I nodded while blushing at the compliment before excusing myself to remake the pizzas. Now, I was no longer thinking about how Trey had caused those butterflies, but a brown haired boy haunted my thoughts.

Really? Another set of walls? Get over yourself.

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