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   Chapter 15 Did The Third Little Piggy Built His Walls Right EDITED

The Hooded Figure By Natasha Larson Characters: 5178

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Today I took my dads car because he didn't have work today for some reason. Pulling the keys out of my backpack, I unlocked the door and started the car. I decided that I'd go to the mall, because what better thing to do, than go to the mall. My dad gave me an allowance of fifteen dollars a week and I've been saving for a while now, I guess I have to spend it at some point. Well, aside from spending it on Trey's bail, of course...

I sang along to Tainted Love as I pulled into the parking lot. Shutting off the engine, I walked inside. The mall glowed with radiant signs and the glass roof let in the sunlight. It reflected off the marble floor and I shielded my eyes.

Squinting, I decided to hit the food court first, a girl's gotta eat. I found a quaint little restaurant in the corner of the mall, tucked away. I walked in and admired the diner-like qualities. It looked Italian too. The decorations were mostly wooden and there was an Italian flag on the wall. Hey, Marco's Pizza! Isn't this where I bought pizza from a few weeks back? The one with the hot delivery guy?

The smell of pizza wafted through my nose and I took a deep breath. I waited for a host to take me to a table. Looking around, I found a help-wanted sign.

A man who seemed to be in his sixties whom had slightly thinning grey hair, welcomed me. "Ciao! Welcome to Marco's Pizzeria!" He added a hearty laugh at the end. I chuckled too, his laughter was contagious.

"I see you want help?" I inquired, pointing to the sign off to the side. "I don't have a resume,



We pulled out the pizzas fifteen minutes later and hers was a masterpiece, I swear. Mine was a blob of nothing. Maybe I wasn't as good at applying cheese as I thought I was.

"You will get better." Maria told me, patting me on the back. She brought her pizza out to some customers I didn't even know we had.

After making a few more pizzas, I was noticing the difference in my pizzas from messy blobs, to decent, edible pizzas.

After my first five, Maria started serving mine and I felt a sense of pride wash over me. At six o'clock, they told me to go home, but not before giving me a check for eighty dollars. I was ecstatic, that's three months of allowance in a day!

I gave the, my phone number to call me whenever they needed me. Maria and Marco were married, I found that out when they kissed. I assumed they weren't just dating because one, they were in their sixties. Two, they shared a restaurant together.

I wanted that.

You didn't see a wolf woman sneaking through his walls, now did you?

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