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   Chapter 13 Fuck Those Walls EDITED

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Turns out, Declan is in my chemistry class. I mean, like I said earlier, I knew I'd see them again, just not this soon. Fortunately, there was an open seat beside him today for some reason. Oh, that's because Trey sits there. I didn't think he was here today to I sat in his usual spot, I turned to Declan. "So, how's it going?" I asked him, smiling.

"I can't talk to you without James here because he likes you." He blurted before covering his mouth.

"Um, might I ask why not?" I inquired, confused and shocked though Jade did imply that he liked me.

"Bro code."

At that, I full out laughed. "That's not bro code, that's just dumb. Bro code is that you can't date someone he likes or broke up with." I told him truthfully. At least, that's what I thought it was. That's what it should be, anyway.

"Oh, really? Thank god." He said, sounding relieved, removing his hands from his mouth. "Just don't tell him I told you." I made a pretend zipper and zipped it across my mouth, locking it, then throwing out the key.

"Good." He stated just before the teacher came into the class.


Last period was boring. After chemistry, English LIT was just boring. I dragged myself into that class and I dragged myself out. I slumped onto my bike and started pedalling towards home. I put my earbuds in and Havana came on. I closed my eyes for only a second, I swear, before colliding with something and going tumbling off of my bike. I skidded across the sidewalk, taking dust and rocks with me as I went.

I groaned in agony and once the blinding pain behind my eyes had simmered, I opened my eyes to see what I had hit. I gasped when I saw James lying on the pavement. He looked unconscious. Very unconscious.

I c

estioned, not able to understand what he'd said.

"Do you want to go out with me?" He repeated a little slower. I was dumbstruck, but I guess I should've expected it. I didn't know how to say no though. He was as nervous as he was at lunch yesterday.

'I'm sorry James, but I'm not--" He didn't let me finish.

"Okay, that's alright. I kind of expected it." Then he scurried away as fast as he could, leaving the cafeteria. I cringed and turned back to my friends with an uncomfortable look on my face. They were all trying not to laugh while I just frowned. Then the bell rang and they all burst into laughter. I huffed and left them there.

It was social studies and somehow Jade got there before me. I marched to my usual seat only to find Jade sitting in it. "Um, your seat is over there." I reminded her, pointing in Trey's direction.

"Sorry, he threatened me to move." She told me with a frightened expression. Excuse me?

"With what?" I asked, bewildered.

"Can't tell. Sorry." She replied fearfully, looking away. Unless he knew about her dad... No. He couldn't... right?

I've heard of bestiality, but that's just... Unheard of.

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