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   Chapter 12 Just... Stop Trying EDITED

The Hooded Figure By Natasha Larson Characters: 6430

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Trey [3:43PM]

- Do u wanna come over? My bro can't stop talking about u

Amy [3:46PM]

- Funny, he said the same thing about u

- But sure, your brother seems nice

I smiled at my phone, happy so have something to do on this boring Sunday afternoon. It'd started raining and although I loved the rain, it was kind of cold. I grabbed a jacket and went to open the door before pausing. "Dad, I'm going to go buy some groceries, you want anything?"

At this point you could consider me a compulsive liar, honestly.

"No thanks, hun." He replied from upstairs. I grabbed a sweater, pulled up my hood, and laced up my converse. I left the house with an odd skip in my step and knocked on the Hollands' door. Troy opened the door and smiled. I noticed a faint scar across his hairline. He was about 6'0". Not as tall as Trey seemed to be, but still taller than me.

"What's up?" He asked, leaning against the doorframe, leaving me in the rain. I looked up then looked back down at him. "Oh, sorry." He apologized sheepishly, moving aside so that I could enter. I took off my shoes and removed my hood.

"Your brother invited me over. Apparently I'm the topic of conversation in this household at the moment." I smiled, deciding to take the flirtatious route.

He chuckled somewhat nervously, rubbing the back of his head. I took off my sweater and held it in my arms. He was making this super awkward. My eyes shifted to what I thought was the closet and he caught the movement. "Oh, right. Sorry." I grinned and handed him my wet sweater.

"Stop apologizing." I laughed slightly and he chuckled.

"It's a habit." He grinned lopsidedly. "Here, I'll give you a tour." I followed him around as he showed me the kitchen, living room, bathroom... it was basically the same layout as my house. He then took me upstairs to see his room. It was filled with basketball posters and famous players.

"I take it you're

us. "Mind if I sit here?" I asked, pointing to the tiny gap between him and his friend.

He nodded vigorously before stumbling to the side. He nearly knocked his other friend off the bench while doing so. It was so hard not to laugh. It was really cute though.

I took a seat and started a conversation. "Hi, I'm Amy, and you guys are?"

"Oh, we already know who you are." He replied, looking happy before his expression turned to one of cringe. "Sorry, you're in our class and we know your name, that's what I meant."

I found it cute how nervous he was. "It's okay, names?" I repeated.

They each said their names in order. They were Declan, Dominic, Peter, Randy, and the brown haired cutie was James. "Oh, you're dating Layla, right?" I asked Declan. He blushed and nodded. His friends clearly didn't know because they started asking him about it. I mouthed an apology and pouted. I wish I'd known his friends didn't know either. Then again, that's the definition of 'secret'.

The bell rang, indicating the end of lunch, so I stood up and said, "It was nice talking to you boys, see you in class?" They all nodded and even though I wasn't sure which classes I had with them exactly, I knew that I'd see them again.

Maybe those walls really can't be brought down.

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