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   Chapter 11 Hit Them With Your Best Shot (Dun Nuh, Dun Nuh) EDITED

The Hooded Figure By Natasha Larson Characters: 6096

Updated: 2018-06-04 18:32

Amazing cover creds to @nerdfpiper I love it so much!!!

I drove him home and he stayed silent the entire ride. I frowned at the lack of gratitude he showed. I dropped him off and I think he muttered another thank you, but I can't be sure. When I got home, it was fairly late and my dad wasn't home yet. There was another note on the counter, saying that he went out again. I fell asleep before he arrived home, but he came barging in at 1:00 AM.

"Amy Carters, what kind of people are you involving yourself with?" My father demanded, slamming the paper onto my bedside before rushing out of the room in frustration.

I picked up the paper hesitantly before examining it.

Name: Trey Hollands.

Father: Charles Hollands. (Presumed Dead)

Mother: Unknown.

Sister: Magdalena Hollands. (Dead)

Belongings: Car keys to a Camaro, an orange sweater, and a picture of Magdalena Hollands.

Previous Offences: Noise Disturbance and Shoplifting.

Description: Adult male, 18. Dirty blonde hair, styled upwards. Caribbean blue eyes and defined features. Straight, pointed nose. Pink lips, sharp jawline and high, prominent cheekbones. Hollow cheeks and straight white teeth. A height of approximately 6'2". Two scars forming an 'X' over his left cheekbone and 3 faint scars under his left eyebrow and 2 under the right one.

Clipped to the paper was a young boy. No scars, but he resembled the description. Charles is his dad?

He had ear length blonde hair, blue eyes, and the same features, only less defined.

I wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone's shit after that, so I went straight to bed. It was a long day.

I awoke outside of my house, sitting on the curb of the driveway.

I watched the scene unfold in front of me. It was as if I couldn't move. My mom was getting into her car and she was driv

ty." He said, crossing his arms over his broad chest. He had some impressive muscles and I felt myself wanting to test their strength.

Oh no, this is one of my last year's that I can blame my hyperactive attraction to the male species on hormones. Well here it is, I blame the hormones.

Then Trey came out of their house wearing a different color hoodie. That reminded me. "Wait here two seconds." I told Troy and he nodded. I sprinted up the stairs, threw a shirt on, and grabbed Trey's orange hoodie. I came back out and Troy looked disappointed at the lack of skin I was now showing.

"Can you give this to Trey please?" I asked him, handing him the sweater.

"Sure." He walked across the street and handed it to Trey who had started polishing his car. Then he walked back over to me. "You know, my brother can't stop talking about you." He whispered.

I frowned in confusion. "Really? We hardly even talk." He shrugged.

"It was nice talking to you..."

"Amy." I interjected.

"Right. A beautiful name for a beautiful lady. It was nice meeting you, Amy." I smiled as he left and I walked back inside, happy with that delightful encounter.

Newsflash, your best shot isn't nearly good enough.

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