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   Chapter 10 Try a Tour Bus EDITED

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"POLICE, OPEN UP!" I frowned as the police knocked on my door. I wondered what they could possibly be doing and why they wanted to get into my house. I came to the door and opened it calmly.

"Yes, offi-" I didn't get to finish my sentence because they tackled me to the floor.

"YOU'RE UNDER ARREST FOR SUSPECTED AFFILIATION WITH CHARLES HOLLANDS." An officer yelled in my face, spitting on my occasionally. I wiped my face on the carpet and grimaced as they tightened the cuffs. Was the roughness necessary? Affiliation with my father? Excuse me?

I haven't had any 'affiliation' with that bastard in two years and I intend to keep it that way. "Find the other one." I heard a policeman say. They ransacked the house, looking for who knows what, but my brother wasn't home anyway. He was actually attending saturday night church, believe it or not.

They shoved me into the back of a police car with more force than necessary and I nearly hit my head on the top of the car. I sat in the back while the cops in the front read my my rights. I rolled my eyes and positioned myself so that I could get my cuffs over my legs and to the front of my body. Just as I was about to get them over, the driver slammed on the brakes. I nearly headbutted the metal encasing the window, but I narrowly missed it by hitting the front seat instead.

I looked up and found it to be a red light. I huffed and continued to find a confortable position. When we arrived at the police station, they locked me in a cell without any context whatsoever. "Don't I get a phone call?" I called out when on

ed out laughing.

"Nice one. April fools is in two months though." I informed him, still smiling, forgetting about my mother.

"I'm being serious."

"I know, I was afraid of that." I told him, sighing. "I'll be right-- wait, what are you accused for?"

"Suspected affiliation with this guy names Charles? I don't know." He said, sounding confused and casual.

"Alright, sit tight." I laughed at my own joke and hung up. I made my way to the jail, wondering why I was doing this for a complete, for the most part, stranger. I still had some birthday money left, so I figured I'd use that for the bail money. When I arrived, the officer at the front desk asked me a few questions before going to grab Trey. The discharge took about an hour, but they had given his belongings and he was already wearing his hood when he came out.

"Thanks." He muttered quietly.

"No problem." I replied shortly, walking out of the building with him.

If they won't open the door for you, they obviously won't open it for a tour bus. His heart isn't a park attraction.

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