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   Chapter 9 Pretend to be Dead EDITED

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After a stressful twenty minutes of high intensity cleaning, we fell back on the couches and swallowed as many mints as we possibly could. I didn't like drinking because instead of helping me forget, it made me remember my mother. Feeling sullen, we waited for Layla's mom to arrive. I was the most sober out of all of us so I suppose I'd have to do the talking.

The door opened and we all held our breath. "Layla?" She called out, closing the door behind her.

"Hi, Mrs. Turner, thanks for letting us come over." I said, smiling, though I didn't feel like it.

"It's not problem at all, girls, but call me Chanel." She grinned, putting groceries on the counter. "So, what have you guys been up to?"

Jade looked like she was about to reply, but then her cheeks puffed up and I knew she was about to throw up. My eyes widened in panic along with hers, Layla still hadn't noticed. "Mrs-- Chanel, Jade and I are going to go. It's almost dinner time and I have to get home. I'm going to give Jade a lift home."

"Alright. Remember, you're welcome any time." She gave us a big smile, her dark skin contrasting her white teeth.

"Thank you." I gave her a small smile as Jade and I walked to the front door. Layla gave us a questioning look, but I nodded to Jade and she understood. We hurried outside and I rushed her to their garbage bin. She swiftly expelled the substance from her stomach as she let it out into the trash. I held her hair back as she puked until she was finished. I grabbed a napkin from my car and gave it to her. "So you're a daytime drinker now?"

"My dad

ce there.

I crawled back from the edge, making sure the man wouldn't see me if he looked up. Jade chuckled and soon enough, I joined her in laughter. I stood up with the intention of walking towards the evergreen trees that surrounded us, but I tripped over my shoelace and went tumbling towards the floor.

Jade laughed even harder, rolling around on the grass. I started to laugh too, despite the slight pain. Soon enough it felt like I was developing abs from laughing so hard. Finally our laughter died down and we decided that it was time to head back. This time I didn't have to walk back because I had my car so that was nice. I dropped Jade off at her house, but not before making sure that she didn't want to stay with me for a while.

"Are you sure?" I questioned for the last time.

"Yeah. Someone needs to protect my mother, right?" I gave her a sad smile and she returned it. I just didn't know what to do. Her mom was a hairdresser and they needed the money that her father provided. I sighed and drove back home, reading to go to sleep.

They'd probably just throw you in the nearby river.

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