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   Chapter 8 Trick the Wall Keepers EDITED

The Hooded Figure By Natasha Larson Characters: 5248

Updated: 2018-06-04 18:29

When I got home I ordered a cheese pizza from the Marco's Pizzeria, along with tomato sauce to dip the crust in. When it arrived, I subtly checked out the pizza guy. His amber brown eyes complimented his soft brown hair. He was fairly tall, about Trey's height, and damn attractive. I smiled at him as I handed him the money with a tip for blessing me with his presence, though he probably thought it was because of how quickly he got here.

The encounter was short-lived, but I was eager to eat my pizza. I dropped the box on the counter and opened it, inhaling the delicious scent. I quickly grabbed a fork and peeled off the cheese. I then ate my pizza hastily, nearly moaning at the taste. I love me that tomato sauce and bread!

I dipped the crust in the tomato sauce and relished the taste. After a few more slices, my phone rang. I pulled it out and saw Layla's caller ID.

"Hey." I greeted, taking another bite of pizza.

"We're going to talk about boys and take a few sips of some coolers, you wanna come?" She invited me. I wasn't a fan of alcohol, but I'm 18 so it is legal.

"Yeah, I'll be right over, is Jade already there?" I inquired, grabbing my pizza box and running upstairs to my dad's bedroom. I knocked and he beckoned me to come in. "Dad, can I please go to Layla's place to study for an exam?"

"Sure, kiddo." I smiled and left. I felt bad for lying, but that's the only way I could go hang out with them. Plus, it wasn't even my fault that I was grounded. Trey's lucky I lied for him, for Lord knows what reason, because if I hadn't, my d

end?" Jade inquired, lifting her head up.

"Yeah. He's so nice and carefree. He makes me feel good about myself." She told us, staring off into the distance.

"How long have you been together?" I questioned, finishing my drink and tossing the can into the garbage.

"Three months." She replied casually. Now both Jade and I had our jaws dropped.

"And you didn't tell us?" Jade asked, seeming hurt, but it was probably just the alcohol.

"We agreed to keep it a secret." She told us, looking sad.

"Well I'm happy for you." I told her. Layla's phone beeped and she checked her text. Her eyes widened in panic and she looked around frantically at the mess I'd tried to clean.

"My mom's coming home early!" She exclaimed fearfully. Layla is only 17 so technically she can't drink yet.

"Let's get cleaning, go, go, go!" I directed, jumping off the chair. "Jade, you got the mints?" She nodded and we jumped to work.

Even if you leave the wall keepers alone, they will never let their guard down because there is always a threat.

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