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   Chapter 6 Blow it Up EDITED

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I twisted and turned as the familiar face haunted my dream.

"Well, well. If it isn't little Trey." He spat my name at me.

I whimpered at my own weakness. "Pathetic little bitch, " he said.

"Oh, and who is this?" He inquired, pointing to the girl I was hiding behind my back. I tried to stay strong for her. When he ripped her away from me I saw my sister and I howled in anger. I sprinted at them, but before I could get there, he whipped out a gun and shot her in the chest.

I screamed and fell to my knees. He laughed at me then disappeared as always. I my dying sister in my arms and sobbed."It's your fault."

I started to repeat an apology, but she faded from the world as I cried above her.

I awoke with a start. Knowing my brother was out partying, I didn't bother to be quiet as I stumbled to the bathroom. I gazed at myself in the mirror, and ran a hand through my blonde hair.

I wanted someone to talk to, but I knew I couldn't considering what my father would do, what he did everytime one of us got attached to someone. Suddenly my phone rang. I walked back to my bed and grabbed my phone off of the stand. I checked the caller ID and found it to be Troy, my brother.

"What?" I asked, my eyes tired.

"Can you come pick me up?" He slurred. The loud background noise made me move my ear away from the phone a little bit.

"Hey babe, you--" A girl started from somewhere on his side.

"On any other day, sweet cheeks, but--" This time I was the one to cut him off.

"Alright, I'll be right there, where are you?" I questi

wasn't swaying anymore and he was a little sobered up.

"Fucking joke." I muttered lowly under my breath as I jogged up the stairs to throw my pants in the washing machine along with my hoodie for good measure. I put the rest of my laundry in and started it. I knew I wasn't getting any more sleep tonight. I threw on yet another pair of pants, not caring for a shirt, and went back downstairs where Troy was sitting on a stool.

I poured him a cup of water and handed it to him. He drank it hastily and grinned at me. "You love me." I rolled my eyes.

"I never said I didn't, little bro." I taunted, knowing how much he hated it when I said that.

"I'm seven minutes younger, get over it already!" He exclaimed loudly, though he wasn't actually angry. He bursted into laughed afterwards and I face palmed myself. What a fucking mess.

"Just drink more water." I told him, handing him another glass of liquid.

"Thanks, big bro." He smiled, taking a gulp.

Dynamite can't destroy his walls, nor will it make it any easier to do so.

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