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   Chapter 5 Wiggle in Through The Cracks EDITED

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It was lunch and I was staring over at Trey's table. Chad was looking between Trey and our table with a scowl on his face.

"Earth to Amy!" Jade snapped, huffing and puffing.

"Relax Jade, she's just checking out her new boyfriend." Layla stated for a fact. My eyes popped out of their sockets.

"What! He's not my boyfriend, he's my social studies partner." I defended, throwing a carrot at her. "He left me in the woods for goodness sake."

She gaped at me, pointing to the carrot, basically saying, 'did you just throw that at me?' I laughed.

I nodded and she huffed. "Well, then if he's not your boyfriend, you don't mind if I have a go at him?" Layla asks me.

"Please, go ahead. I already have two emotional wrecks on my hands, I don't need a third." I laughed at Jade's and Layla's jaw dropped expressions. "Plus, I don't date psychopaths."

"Excuse me?" Jade said, laughing slightly.

"Oh, it's on." Layla challenged, standing up, showcasing her long tan legs. Her I am reflecting light, it's not fair.

She walked over to them and pulled up a chair. I watched intently as Trey's grimace turned into a frown.

I continued to gaze upon them as she handed him a slip of paper. He hadn't said anything throughout the entire exchange but he nodded and she left the table. She came over here all giddy and happy looking.

"What was on that piece of paper?" I asked curiously.

"It was your birthdate. I gave it to him, saying that he should surprise you or something." She confessed, rolling her eyes.

"Um, why? I thought you were trying to catch him, not set me up with him." I frowned at the thought of putting up with him for a longer amount of time than necessary.

"Oh shit, my birthday, that's this weekend, right?" I asked, rubbing my temples.

"Yup! Have fun!" Layla said wiggling her eyebrows.


Social studies came around last period today and I spoke to Trey. "So, how's your part of the project coming?"

"Good, and yours?" Wow, it's not a one-sided conversation anymore! That's progress! Yeah, with a brick wall.

"Great." I replied with a small smile.

"Wanna work on the project tonight?" He asked me, looking distant.

"I can't sorry, I'm hanging out with Jade." I lied, not wanted to spend all my evenings with this guy.

"It's okay." He said, "I can't expect you not to have a life just because I don't, right?"

I laughed at that and so did he. Well, he chuckled. Again, no one noticed that I was talking to the guy that never talks.

We pulled out some ChromeBooks and worked on the PowerPoint for the entirety of the class. Finally the bell rang and we left.


When I got home I flopped onto the couch and watched Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time. I'm a sucker for a good romance.

My dad left a note on the counter, saying, Having a night out with the boys, you can invite someone over.

I smiled and texted Jade and Layla. I don't know if they have nothing better to do or they love me so dearly that they arrived no sooner than fifteen minutes later. We started to watch movies when Layla decided to bring up the hooded boy again.

"Are you sure you don't like him?"

"I've spoken to him about six times, of course not! I don't even like him as a person at the moment." I told her truthfully and she seemed disappointed.

"That's true." Jade commented, mashing a handful of popcorn into her mouth.

"How about you guys, how's your love life going?" I questioned, diverting the attention away from me.

"Bland and flavourless." Jade declared, sighing woefully. Ever the dramatic one.

"Still single." Layla added, resting her face on her hand, looking cute as always. We paused the movie and talked about hot celebrities like Dave Franco and Chris Hemsworth, debating which brother was hotter.

They weren't meant to sleep over because it was a school night, but we just fell asleep on the couch which was a relatively dumb idea because I forgot to set my alarm. Again.


"Guys, guys!" Jade shook us awake. "I have an English exam third period!"

I pulled out my clock and checked the time.


Well fuckery mcfuckerson.

I jumped off the couch and got some clothes on, throwing some at Layla and Jade. We were all relatively the same size ish, aside from boobs pretty much. Jade's usual clothes were goth and Layla's were trendy, whereas mine were just super casual.

They both shrugged and hopped in their cars. I went with Layla because I like the smell of her car. I smells like cinnamon because her mom is always baking and she often drives deliveries for her mother when she needs help at the bakery.

When we arrived, the bell had just rung for third period and Jade sprinted to her English class while Layla and I just laughed, walking to Biology, the one of the few classes we shared. We were doing review for a test that was coming up, but the teacher was engrossed in whatever was on her computer so Layla and I just talked the whole class. Biology was my best and favourite subject so I didn't really need to study. After high school I want to study to become a pharmaceutical researcher.

Layla wants to open her own bakery like her mom did, but just in case that doesn't work out, she's trying to do well in school so she can have something to fall back on. Although her chocolate chip cookies are the best I've ever had, she still has her doubts, which I suppose is healthy.

I'd forgotten about Trey for the time being and I continued to talk with Layla throughout the class.

Cracks? What cracks?

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