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   Chapter 4 Fly Over Those Walls EDITED

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This time we were writing down notes about the topic, but I got distracted. He leaned forward and a piece of golden blonde hair slipped out. I'm assuming it's gelled into a hairstyle because it's never done that before. Not that I'd seen anyway.

It went down to about where his eyes should be so, I quickly finished my notes and started drawing what I thought he looked like. He quickly tucked it back under his hood, but I'd already started with the shape of his face. I assumed it was heart shaped because of the way his chin points. Then, I worked his hollow cheeks and the scar on his left cheekbone. I really wish he would just take that damn hood off for five minutes so I could draw him. Wait, that was super creepy. I love drawing portraits, it's a thing.

I looked up and saw him struggling to keep the hood on his head. The wind was blowing strongly by the ocean and it was causing his hood to nearly fly off. I was fairly close to him- not touching because we know what happens when I do that -and I caught a look of the scar on his cheekbone. I realized the there was not only one, but two scars there. One was a lot fainter than the other, but they made sort of an 'X'.

I quickly drew it onto the portrait and made his jawline sharper. I drew his straight nose and his full lips, using my memory for reference.

I struggled with the eyes because I didn't know their size, positioning, or colour. I couldn't do his eyebrows very accurately either. I drew his forehead, but I just guessed at its size. Finally, I drew his hair. I shaded it so it looked blonde and I styled it so that it looked like Edward Cullen's. I think it's called a fohawk..?

"Trey?" I asked, catching his attention.

"Has Chad ever seen you without your hood?" I questioned. I was testing the waters. He wouldn't dare leave me again, would he?


My eyes widened at that. I thought they were best friends. "So keeping your hood on is really important to you? Is it because you're like a superhero?" I asked, trying to make him laugh. He let out a small chuckle which was kind of cute.

"It is very important to me, but not for the reason that you suggested." He said with a smile on his lips.

"Are you comfortable sharing the real reason with me?" I prodded a little, shifting on the sandy blanket. I knew I was digging a little too deep considering the last time, but I was just really curious.

"Not yet." He replied, the smile gone from his face, replaced by a frown

Suddenly a gust of wind blew towards Trey. My eyes widened as I knew what was going to happen. As quickly as I could, I shut my eyes and turned my head in the opposite direction. I only saw a glimpse of deep, Caribbean blue eyes before I c

losed my green ones.

I heard him gasp and I kept looking the other way. Eventually he tapped my shoulder and I tentatively turned my head to look at him. His hood was back up and he was frowning, from what I could see.

"You didn't look?" He questioned, tilting his head. He was frowning in concentration now, like he was trying to understand something.

"Of course not, you ju-" he cut me off with a laugh. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion and I frowned.

"Nature itself, gives you the perfect opportunity to see what a truly look like under this hood- and you look away?" He asked me incredulously, shaking his head underneath his hood.

I blushed a little, slightly embarrassed. "Well you said it was important to you, even if you're not a superhero." Wasn't it just a respect thing?

He beamed at me, literally. His smile was so bright that beams of light shined at me. "Amy, you are not like any other person I have ever met."

"I'm glad that during the four occasions we've spoken, I've made such a significant impact on your life." I sassed, rolling my eyes.

"Believe it or not, you have." He said with no emotion lacing his voice.

Trying to lift the dark mood that I provoked, I joked, "How'd you get my phone number anyway? Are you stalking me now?" I smiled at him, all work was forgotten in my mind.

"I asked Chad to ask Jade." He replied with no humour in his tone.

"I feel betrayed by my own kind." I murmured sarcastically, dramatically putting a hand to my chest. Hoping he heard me because I said it so quietly. If he did hear me, he made no sounds or movements that indicated he did. "You couldn't have asked her yourself?"

He didn't answer and I sighed. I decided I wasn't getting much work done anymore so there wasn't really much of a reason to stay.

"Well, are you ready to go?" I questioned, standing up on the blanket.

"You want to leave?" He asked, still frowning.

"We're not really working anymore..." I trailed off awkwardly.

"I guess." He replied just as awkwardly. We got back into his Toyota and drove back to our houses. He got out of the car and ran around the side to open the door for me. I was surprised to say the least. I got out and acknowledged outlet height difference although I was tall. 5'8" to his approximative 6'2" is a bigger difference than you'd think.

I could see up his hood slightly, but it was as if there was some sort of shield. It was weird as fuck. I could make out his nose and his eyebrows. The former was as straight as I'd pictured it to be and the latter was arched to perfection, it really wasn't fair.

I can try and fly over those walls, but every time, my plane will crash because I just can't stop falling.

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