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   Chapter 3 Crawl Under The Walls EDITED

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My feet were killing me. I wouldn't be surprised if there were small rocks in my feet, but I was too afraid to look. I had no idea what time it was because my phone died. Not that it mattered since there was no reception out here anyways. That damn shooting star shit is a waste of time.

Curiosity might've killed the cat, but it didn't succeed in killing me.

I got home while it was still dark and my dad was pacing the floor. "Amy Carters, where on earth have you been?" He demanded, glaring down at me. His bulky build made him intimidating.

"I was at a party and I forgot to tell you, so sorry, dad." I decided to lie. Not to protect that piece of shit, but to protect my dignity. What was left of it, anyway. I followed I guys didn't know into the forest, that's kind of on me.

After a solid twenty minutes of yelling on my dads part, he let me go upstairs with a month of grounding. He's never been very good at punishments though. The rocks had somehow dislodged themselves from my feet and I started to reconsider the shooting star theory.


I slept through my alarm because I was so tired and I fumbled to get ready. Looks like my dad don't wake me up as he left either. When I got to school, the clock showed that it was second period. Social Studies. I will rip that bastard to shreds.

I stomped down the hall, ready to raise some hell. I opened the door without knocking, not that it mattered because everyone was talking to their partner. I looked over at Trey to find him typing on a phone I didn't know he had. It was on the lowest brightness setting so you couldn't see his face. That only infuriated me more.

I walked over to him, ready to punch his face in. I sat in Jade's spot, straddling it again. His hood whipped up so fast that it almost flew off his head, but he grabbed it just in time. I only saw up to the scar on his cheekbone.

"Are-" he started sounding panicky. I'm probably just imagining it.

"Okay? Yeah, I'm fantastic. Thanks for the blanket by the way. The wolves were very comforting and my backpack made for a great survival pack. How'd you know I always wanted to go on a night time hike in the woods, unprotected and alone?" I asked sardonically, giving him a smile that would have even Satan down on his knees begging for me to stop.

"Look, I'm sorry, it's just that when you asked about my hood I-" I interrupted him again. Seriously? He actually left because of the fucking question?

"I asked a question! It's not like it was mandatory to answer. Even if you felt pressured somehow, you can't just leave me in the fucking forest at night!" I exclaimed angrily, just thinking over how ridiculous the entire situation was.

"Let me make it up to you. Please." He pleaded. I didn't even think it over, there wasn't even an option.

"Of course not. If you want my trust back, you have to fucking earn it." I declared defiantly, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Alright, I know, but I am sorry." He sounded genuine, but I was still livid.

"So am I. Mainly for following a psychopath into the forest, but yeah." I mentally facepalmed myself for going with him in the first place.

He sighed, his hood still covering the caste majority of his face. "We still ha

ve to finish this project though."

I huffed, knowing he was right. "You're lucky I need this grade for university."

With that, the bell rang. I didn't have any other classes with him that day so I didn't have to put up with his mood swings or him in general. Lunch came around and I didn't have time to pack a lunch this morning. Jade gave me some of her sandwich and Layla just laughed when I explained what happened. I glared at her and sat there glumly.

"So let me get this straight. You asked him why he wore his hood, not for him to take it off might I add, and he still left you stranded in the woods?" Layla questioned, crossing her caramel coloured arms.

"Yup." I answered, trying to act nonchalant for no apparent reason. Maybe because I'd explode if I showed any emotion at this point. She went into a state of hysteria and I just glared at her angrily though her laugh made me smile. Although she was absolutely gorgeous, the snorts coming out of her mouth were not.

"What a dick." Jade added, angrily gazing at Trey's table.


When I got home after a day of boring classes, I sprinted to the kitchen to grab a snack because I hadn't eaten in a day. Well, aside from that piece of Jade's sandwich. Grabbing a pudding cup and a spoon, I ran up to my room.

My phone beeped and I checked the text.

Jade [4:15PM]

- Wanna hang tomorrow?

Amy [4:16PM]

- Ugh, I'm grounded

I could've easily gotten out of my grounding, but I was too lazy to bother. Soon enough, I received another text and I curiously picked up my phone and read the text.

Unknown [4:27PM]

- Can we work tonight?


Amy [4:27PM]

- Who is this?

Unknown [4:28PM]

- Trey duh

- Do you have another project to do tonight?

I laughed a little, I didn't know he could be funny. Well, I'm sure everyone can. Then again, maybe not in person.

Amy [4:29PM]

- No.

Trey [4:33PM]

- What's your address?

Amy [4:36PM]

- 3429-75ave

Trey [4:29PM]

- Really? Ha

"Dad!" I hollered. "Can I go work on a project?" I skipped down the stairs to where he cooked in the kitchen.

He looked at me sternly. "Please, it's really important. I have to learn this." He huffed and grumbled an 'okay'. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks dad!

See? Terrible with punishments.

There was a knock at the door and

I raced downstairs to open it. I was surprised to find the hooded boy on my doorstep, but nonetheless I was still angry.

"Ready?" He asked me.

"You got here fast." I commented. "One sec." I ran upstairs to grab my stuff then I followed him outside. I expected to see his Camaro in the driveway, but there was no car. Instead, he walked across the street and opened the garage.

You've got to be shitting me. He's my fucking neighbour? How have I not noticed this before? He's been here for what... two years now?

The garage door opened and there were two cars, his Camaro and a cute Toyota. Of course he picked the Toyota. I gazed longingly at the Camaro before entering his car.

He drove until we arrived at the beach. Obviously no one was here because it was cold outside, but he got out and laid a blanket down on the sand for us to work on. So much for technology.

Ha, crawling under his walls doesn't work, idiot.

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