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   Chapter 2 Chip Away at The Walls EDITED

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We'd been walking for fifteen minutes along a road and we started to reach the outer parts of town. The town is very small, our school is the only school here, but there are close by towns that we compete with. The trees started to appear and slowly they started getting thicker and denser.

Horrific thoughts passed through my mind. "Oh my god, you're not going t-to kill me are you?" I asked him, like he'd give me an answer if he was. What kind of murderer would say, 'oh, sorry for not telling you, ' like good job, Amy.

He just shook his head and his shoulders hiccuped a little like he was chuckling. I was drifting behind so I quickly sped up to him.

"What's your favourite colour?" I asked him, examining the side of his grey hood.

I could imagine a hot guy scrunching his eyebrows in confusion because I'm sure that's what he did. Who asks that anyways?

"Grey." He answered. His answers are always so short, I wanted to hear more of his voice, it's just so hard to get him to say something, let alone a whole phrase. I mean, from what I know, I'm assuming he doesn't give much more than one-word answers.

"That's not a colour, that's a shade, " I stated blankly. I gave up on imagining his reactions at this point. I just assumed he was rolling his eyes. A gust of wind blew my brown hair bad and I relished the cool air.

"Orange." He finally said, breaking me away from my thoughts. I was a little surprised by his response. Mostly because I didn't think he'd reply.

"Any particular reason?" I questioned, desperate to keep the conversation going. I didn't want the walk to be awakes although it already was. Believe me, it was for the better. My next conversation starter was, 'what's your favourite animal cracker and why?' Like what the hell.

"It reminds me of a sunset." He told me. Seems like a reasonable answer, right? That's probably the first normal thing he's said.

"So I take it you like sunsets?" I prodded further as he turned off of the road and into the forest. I was too engrossed in our one-sided conversation to notice.

He shrugged, "They're pretty." He deadpanned and I wasn't sure if it was a joke or not.

"Well- um-" he cut me off with his own voice.

"We're here." He announced. I checked my phone to see that we'd spent forty five mines walking and I had no reception. I looked up and- wow.

I gaped at the beauty before me. The sun was nearly setting and the lake below us was glistening in the light. He dangled his feet over the edge of the cliff and sighed. I wanted to capture this scene in a picture, but I was in awe.

Without giving it much thought, I sat down right beside him. So close in fact, that my leg touched his. Immediately he jerked back and I frowned.

"I'm sorry, did I do something?" I asked, worry creeping into my voice as I turned to face him.

"No, it's just- personal space?" He managed to stutter out. I nearly smiled at his nervousness, instead, I nodded and moved away from him. I pulled out my social studies text book and started to read the assigned pages. I thought that I caught him looking at me a few times, but since he was wearing that hood, it was hard to tell.

"So what kind of presentation do you want to do?" I asked him, looking up f

rom my textbook. His hood moved upwards, indicating that he was looking at me. In this light, I could see his straight nose and- a scar? Yeah, it was definitely a scar, right on his left cheekbone.

I didn't say anything though.

"I was thinking a PowerPoint? I'm not much of an artist." He confessed. Personally I like drawing, but I'm good with that.

"Sure. I am artsy, but I don't really like showing my work to people so, that's perfect." I announced with an enthusiastic clap.

Trey chuckled and looked through his textbook. We shared information that we'd learned from the book with each other. We agreed that I would tell him all the economical points in the chapter and he'd tell me all of the political ones.

I enjoyed hearing him explain it to me because, here we go, it wasn't just sentences he spoke, it was goddamn paragraphs. I doubt anyone has gotten him to talk this much.

I checked my phone and found that it was nearing seven o'clock. It was getting a little chilly so I shivered and tried to warm my arms with my hands. I definitely didn't expect him to give me his sweater, obviously, but when he reached into his bag, I was beyond curious. When he pulled out an orange sweater, I nearly swooned aloud- again. Instead I did it in my head. I pulled it over my head and laid on my stomach so I could discreetly inhale his smell.

"Thank you." I said with a genuine smile.

"No problem." He replied. I couldn't tell if he was smiling or not because the sun had gone down and I could hardly see.

I inhaled deeply and the smell of... Dawn dish soap, yeah that's it, Dawn dish soap invaded my senses and I loved it.

"Why do you always wear your hood?" I asked him curiously. The pencil he was holding snapped in half from the force he'd exerted on it. "Are you ok-"

"Why does it matter?" He snapped, shutting his book harshly.

He got up, grabbed his stuff and simply walked into the woods, leaving me in the small clearing in the woods by the cliff. "Trey?" I called out carefully. There could be bears here... After seconds he still hadn't replied. Fuck it, I'm screaming for this mother fucker. "TREY, GET BACK HERE OR I SWEAR-" I heard a noise nearby and immediately shut up. Did he seriously just leave me in the middle of nowhere? Because I asked a fucking question?

I looked at the woods and squinted to see if there was any movement. He can't leave me here... Can he? Looks like my murderer theory wasn't too far off.

It was almost pitch black and Trey had left me here. I scowled and hugged the sweater closer to my body for the warmth it provided. I'll be damned if I wait out here to get eaten by some forest creature.

I took off my wedges and trudged through the thick forestry. I almost got down on my knees to pray, but I found the road. The gravel bit into my feet, but my heels were killing me. It's not like I thought I'd be walking home from the outskirts of town. I can't believe her left me there. What type of psychopath does that?

One who doesn't talk to anyone and keeps to himself.

I walked into that one. Literally.

Suddenly the thought of Trey leaving me reminded me of my mother. A lone tear ran down my cheek, but I quickly wiped it away and kept following the road.

Obviously chipping at his walls with questions doesn't work.

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