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   Chapter 10 . Action-Packed

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When I got home, Molly was nowhere to be found, and my bed sheets were still in a heap on the floor. I sighed with disappointment and rolled up my sleeves. I tried to avoid the spots that were evidently moist. Even the word moist was gross.

I dumped the bundle into the washing machine and tried to ignore the wetness on my arms. It's probably just sweat.

Never mind, both alternatives were gross.

After pouring some detergent into the old machine, I started it and made a beeline for the bathroom. Without looking at what was on my arm, I wiped it off with the towel and quickly threw that in too. I grumbled to myself about how miserably this day was turning out. I was still really mad at Darren, but I'd met the guy a few days ago, how mad could I really be?

My phone buzzed in my pocket so I pulled it out. I looked at Greg's name distastefully and threw my phone on the couch. I started the dishwasher and my phone continued to buzz along the soft velvety seat. I glared at it, but continued to pour the detergent into the machine. Once I started it, I sat down beside my phone and turned on the TV.

I was flipping channels when my phone started to ring. I frowned at the loud noise. It was set at default and I wondered who it could be. I changed everyone's ringtone due to my hatred for the fanfare sound. I looked at it and my eyes lingered on the screen as I hardly acknowledged Greg's name.

I didn't bother pressing ignore, I just listened to the animated character on the screen, along with the occasional disturbing clang from the washing machine. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was heavy, but authoritative and it was only once. I groaned and rolled off the couch, landing on the floor harder than I'd expected

nitiation?" He asked incredulously, laughing as he finished.

"Yup, pretty much. It's not like I go around looking to join illegal organizations." I cracked a smile at my own jab.

"Who said we were illegal?"

"So you're legal?" No response. "Exactly."

We waited for a moment so I broke the silence. "Do you mind shutting the door? Whether you're staying or you're on your way out, it's getting weird. I think like three people have passed by already."

Greg sighed and he looked like he was about to leave, but then he grabbed one of my arms and lifted me up so quickly that I was over his shoulder before I could throw up. That's a lie.

I threw up a little on his shoulder, staining his black shirt. "Did you just..?"

"No, " I replied too quickly. Greg sighed and lifted me out the door, shutting it behind him. "Wait! If you're going to kidnap me, at least let me lock the door so I don't get robbed too.

Greg huffed and took me back in so that I could grab my keys and lock the door. Then, he took me back to his shady van and started driving, once again, blasting ABBA. I'd be lying if I said that it didn't brighten my mood instantaneously.

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