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   Chapter 8 Alphaghetti

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Updated: 2018-06-04 18:25

As it turns out, Greg is a die hard ABBA fan. I learned this when he started belting it out to Waterloo. I joined in occasionally, but Greg's voice put me to shame. It wasn't half bad, but it was definitely enjoyable. At this point, all my worries were forgotten and I even felt bad for assuming that Greg would do something like that. Then again, I was just taking the necessary precautions to ensure the survival of my bloodline.

We arrived at the shady warehouse sooner than I'd thought we would and I was kind of sad to get out of Greg's new found comfort. As expected, everyone inside was partying and doing random things. Is that a flame thrower?

You know what? I'm just not going to question it at this point.

Greg lead me up the same stairway as before and opened the door for me. "Thanks." I said, to which he replied with a small nod. He shut the door behind me and didn't come in this time which unnerved me for some reason. Darren was sitting in his leather chair and he grinned at me. It was kind of creepy, like the Cheshire Cat.

"Faith!" He exclaimed oddly excitedly. "What'd you think of yesterday's stunt?" He stood up and walked over to me. I took an unintentional step back but I don't think he noticed. If he did, his eyes hinted at nothing.

"Um, it looked cool." I stated dumbly. I wanted to slap myself on the forehead, but that'd just make it worse.

"...Cool?" He repeated, testing out the word on his tongue.

"Yeah, I mean, it looked really great and stuff." I continued to dig my hole deeper. He looked confused for a moment.

"I've never had that answer before." That was what he'd said to me the last time I was here. A pattern has arisen.

"What do you mean?" I inquired, curious as to what he meant. Did he usually dangle from cranes? Actu

ed this on. Did they stop him too? Did they feel the same way I did right now?

"Just something." He continued to be cryptic. I huffed and removed my arms from the table to cross them over my chest.

"I don't have time for this, thanks for your offer, but I'm no longer interested." I informed him, getting ready to leave, but a smirk crawled onto his lips.

"Ah, ah, ah." He tsked, getting up from his chair. I glared at him, no longer spellbound by his green eyes. "The contract clearly states a year long employment. No loopholes."

My jaw dropped and I shook my head. "W-What? No it didn't." I thought back to the contract I'd signed the first time I came. It didn't say that, did it?

"You're right, it didn't." He stated, walking around his desk and leaning on it. "But face it, you don't want to walk out of here today. Not like this. You want to be here."

He was right, but he couldn't know that. Not after what he pulled. Therefore, I smiled at him and turned around. I opened the door and just because I felt like it, I gave him the finger as I left. The door shut behind me and I realized Greg was no where to be seen. I sighed and began the long walk back to my dorm.

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