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   Chapter 7 Alpaca

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The hallways were nearly empty aside from the occasional stray freshman. I walked to my class and cursed the person who made it on a Sunday morning. What if I went to church? Then what?

Let's face it.

I'm not going to go to church.

The classroom was all the way on the opposite wing, but my dorm was all I wanted. My warm bed was still calling my name and I could feel the constant pull, begging me to go back.

No. This class is essential. Pull me away from English literature instead.

Of course, the nagging didn't stop. I finally got to the classroom with five minutes to spare. I opened the door and took a seat amongst the dozens of students. I thought back to Molly who was probably still passed out in her bed.

The professor came in perfectly on time and the conversation quickly died down.

"Hello class. For those of you who aren't supposed to be here, this is basically your Biology 101 high school class so leave now if you want." He announced, making me smile. About three students got up and left, making some students laugh. "Good. Now, welcome to advanced biomedical studies."

I smiled and pulled out a notebook as everyone else typed on their laptops. Damn, if I could afford one of those...

I brushed off the thought and listened intently as he explained new and old information. I tried to make my notes pretty, but my writing is almost as bad as a doctor's. The class was about two hours long, completely packed with the criteria he was told to teach and I loved it.

This was my fourth year of university and I hadn't decided if I wanted to go further, or just take my degree and get out of this hellhole.

When the class ended, it took forever to get o

s or leave." Greg said, turning around and returning to his side of the car. He paused with his hand on the handle. "If you're not in this car within the next minute, I'll tell Dare that you've chosen the latter."

He then opened the door and got in, starting the car. I thought over my options. Either get in the car with Greg and risk getting kidnaped, while the alternative would include being part of an illegal organization where I can make money doing things I love. On the other hand, I could return to my dorm, make sure Molly doesn't get wasted again tonight, and finish that stupid English paper.

Unfortunately, the former sounds more appealing.

With a defeated huff, I put my hand on the handle and yanked the door open with more force than necessary and slammed it behind me. "You seem like a nice guy Greg, but if you try anything, I'll pepper spray you."

"You followed me down several abandoned alleys and now you're worried about that?" He did have a fair point. I was desperate for an adrenaline rush and if this was the only way to get it then so be it.

Plus, I didn't actually have any pepper spray.

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