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   Chapter 5 Actually

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*Music is mandatory*

My jaw dropped as he switched arms. It was hard to see him very well. The crane was easily twenty stories higher, working on the building next to us. "Is that... safe?" I asked idiotically. Yes Faith, dangling seventy feet from the ground is as safe as safe could be.

"Do you see a harness?" Greg replied rhetorically. I didn't answer him and continued to watch in awe and terror as Darren kept performing death-defying stunts along the bars.

"Do you think he liked the monkey bars as a kid?" I chuckled to myself and looked over at Greg. He didn't crack a smile, he just looked at me impassively.

"I'm pretty sure he still likes monkey bars." He answered, cracking a smirk. His teeth were a little yellow, but hey, when you're helping run an illegal stunt ring, you don't have time for basic things like dentist appointments.

Oh yeah, you can talk. You haven't been to the dentist since you moved out.

Fair enough.

Eventually, the boy on the crane made his way down when we heard sirens from down below. He got down incredibly fast. Like, five minutes fast. How the hell do you get down a ladder that— oh. He slid, didn't he?

Suddenly, a line of about ten people assembled, pulling out something that resembled a gun. I gasped and a voice in my ear whispered, "Relax." I spun around and nearly lost my balance, but I caught myself.

"Darren, that was amazing!" I exclaimed happily before frowning. "Are those guns? What are you doing with guns? You're not going to shoot the cops, are you? Oh no, I knew following a middle-aged emo man down a dark alley was a bad—" He cut me off by putting his tan hand over my mouth. On reflex, I licked his hand. He quickly retracted it and looked at his hand quizzically.

"Did you just lick me?" He asked as if he didn't already know I had. My eyes widened and I fumbled for words.

"I'm sorry, it's a reflex, my dad used to do that because when I'm happy or nervous I ramble a lot. I don't know if you've noticed that, " He tried to cut in, but I talked over him. "But it's a thing I do. Quite often actually, it's just—"

He sighed and walked away. That effectively made me stop talking. I turned around and watched as the people shot their guns. I was about to cry for them to stop, but grappling hooks fired out the ends and into the other building. I noticed that there weren't any windows on the top few floors. I frowned and walked behind one of the lines. They tied the rope into the closest wall with some sort of device I'd never seen before. Someone at the front hooked on some sort of contraption and then jumped off the building. I gasped and watched as they rode all the way into the other window space. One by one, ever

yone in my line went until I was one of the last ones.

I will admit that I was terrified and about to shit my pants, but I was also a little excited. I stepped up onto the ledge and saw Greg yelling as he crossed the gap. It caused me to laugh and someone else chuckled lightly from behind me. I turned around and found a pair of green eyes staring back at me.

"You going to go?" He asked me. I felt a light blush creeping onto my cheeks. "The cops will be here soon." He walked to the rest of the wires and untied them with some pliers.

I turned back to the rope and I saw a crowd of people had come to watch me go on the other side. Either that or they were waiting for Dare. I'm going with the latter. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Making sure I had a tight grip on the bar, I opened my eyes and took a step off the building. The wind blew past my ears as the wire dipped due to my weight. I took a risk and looked down. The cars were like ants in the distance, unaware of me crossing above them. There were police cars scattered across the street and some of them were looking up at me with their guns raised.

A pant of panic rang threw my chest, but I kept a tight hold and before I knew it, I'd arrived at the other side. The people cheered for me and the bar rolled itself back to Dare. I saw a guy in the corner with a remote control and he seemed to be watching the wire intently. Cool.

I went to walk over to him, but a girl stopped me. "Hi, I'm Dora. If you make a joke about that, I'll suffocate you with a pillow. What's your name?" My eyes widened and I froze for a few moments. Did that really just happen?

I cleared my throat and managed to speak, "I'm Faith." I took a moment to assess her outfit and of course, she was wearing all black. She was in something that resembled a push up bra and tiny black shorts. She was sporting a belly button piercing, black obviously, and several ear piercings as well as a nose piercing.

"New girl, right?" She question although I sensed she already knew.

"Yeah. Explorer, right?" I didn't regret it. The only thing I regretted, was laughing so bad after. While she glared at me, I started crying with laughter. Everyone else was too absorbed in their conversation to notice me.

"I told—" I cut her off once I'd finished laughing.

"Don't worry, I'll suffocate myself." I said with a smile and then she started to laugh. Her (black) hair shook and as did her shoulders. People cheered as someone else came through, assuredly Darren, but I was busy talking to Dora here.

"You know what? I'll let that one slide." She told me with a small grin before turning around and walking away.


Double update on Daredevil? Whaaa?

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