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   Chapter 4 Alright

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University is like high school, but busier. I'm still not done that English assignment, my professor already hates me, and Molly is no where to be found. It'd been a week since I'd met with Darren and his adrenaline junky posse. Again, my assignment was due like a week ago and I still hasn't started.

My phone buzzed in my pocket just as I was about to start typing up my essay. Well, looks like I won't be able to complete the assignment because I have to answer this vital text, oops.

Unknown - Ready for your first job?

Faith - Who is this?

Unknown - Dare.

Unknown - Yes or no?

I changed his name in my contacts to Dare.

Faith - Sure.

Dare - Great, meet at the Empire State Building.

What are we going to do over there? I grabbed my leather jacket and forgot about my essay, locking the door as I left. This was completely ridiculous, but as it was, so was I. I needed extra money to buy things and if this was the easiest way to do it, besides stripping of course, then so be it. The university was general close to the centre of the city so I walked to the building. I looked up at the skyscraper and pulled out my phone again.

Faith - Do I go to the top?

Dare - This phone has been disconnected, please call 1-800-376-2090 for further information.

I gasped at my phone before looking back up at the towering establishment. People were pushing past me, shoving occasionally. At one point, someone jerked me forward and I shouted at them. "I know this is New York, but one side-step was all would take!"

Ignorant people are my pet peeve.

I huffed and decided to get off the sidewalk and out of people's way. I entered the building and watched in awe as people buzzed around me, acting more civilized than the people outside. No one seemed to notice me in the hustle of things as I made my way towards the elevator. In my three years of study at the University of New York, I've never bothered coming here. Whether it was because I never had a reason to or because of my completely rational fear of the place is unknown.

The building was sleek, yet old. I approached the elevator and pressed the up button. A crowd started to form as the elevator arrived. We all tried to push into the elevator with squished success. Good thing I'm not claustrophobic.

I managed to press the top button, I think, I couldn't really see what button I pressed. It felt high enough to be the top floor though. Slowly, everyone got off at different floors, and I finally arrived at the top. As the doors opened, I was the last one on. I stepped out into a rather small concrete room with stairs. I tilted my head curiously as I put my hand on the rail. My heels were hurting my feet, but those extra four inches were worth it. I took steady steps and near the top, I noticed a man dressed in all black. Of course.

"Um, is this

the place?" I asked awkwardly. The man hardly spared me a glance, he just kept staring at the wall in front of him as if I wasn't even there. "Can you blink? It's unnerving."

He didn't blink.

I shrugged and tried to push through the door beside him, but his arm whipped out and grabbed my wrist. "Let go of me." I demanded, trying to shake out of his iron grip to no avail.

"I don't think you're supposed to me here." His voice was gravelly like a smoker's, though I couldn't smell the smoke on him.

"What do you mean?" I questioned as he started to walk me back down the steps. He was burly, but not as hefty as Greg. Plus, this guy had military cut black hair. "Hey, stop it!"

He pressed the button for the elevator, ignoring my demands. I lined up a pinch and hit him in the abdomen, but he didn't even twitch. Actually, it hurt my hand more than it hurt him. I wiggled my fingers and when I looked back up at him, he was glaring down at me.

"Look, is this the—" I cut myself off. Does he know about D.A.R.E? Am I allowed to tell people? What if he doesn't know and I expose him? "Wow, look, it's a peacock."

Surprisingly enough, terminator didn't take the bait. He just sighed and waited for the elevator to arrive. I'm assuming it was at the main floor so it's take a while to get up, buying me some time. "Oh shit, it's Greg." I said, testing the waters.

This time, the guard did look and I bit his forearm as hard as I could, sinking my teeth into his flesh. Rule of survival number one: Use what you got.

His grip loosened significantly as he used his other arm to cover the wound. I slithered out of his grasp and sprinted up the stairs, an amazing feat considering my shoes. I could hear him cursing and sprinting behind me, most likely gaining on me, but I continued anyway. Who knows what this Navy Seal will do if he catches me.

I tried to push open the door, but it was locked from the other side. I turned around, my back to the door, and the man held a smug smirk.

"Dipshit." I muttered, slumping against the door. Suddenly, I didn't have anything to lean on as the door swung open. I fell back and I shut my eyes tightly, bracing myself for impact. When I felt a pair of hands on my back, catching my fall, I opened my eyes hesitantly. "Greg!" I exclaimed happily, getting up happily.

"Faith." He greeted courteously. I smiled at him and thanked him for catching me which he just shrugged off. "Come."

I followed him around the corner, looking back at the guard with a smug smirk of my own. Greg was wearing a different pair of black clothed and when we turned the corner, I was enveloped by a sea of black. Everyone was looking up at something. I followed their gaze and squinted at the sun.

I gasped as my eyes focused. There he was, at the edge of the crane, dangling from one hand, was Dare.

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