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   Chapter 2 Amazeballs

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Can anyone explain to me why creepypasta is a book category and what it is?

Faith's POV

The music blared throughout the club, piercing my eardrums. Less than half-clothed women danced on a pole or on the stage, scraping a few dollars off of the men around them. Suddenly, a large, bulky man bumped into me, nearly sending me tumbling to the floor. Thankfully, I caught myself before my hands hit the grossly sticky surface.

"Watch yourself." he barked with two girls in his arms, neither of them wearing bras.

I mumbled an apology, but I was soon forgotten as the grotesque man started to feel them up. I saw one of the girls slip her hands into his back pocket. I shivered, thinking she was feeling him up as well, but when she pulled out his wallet and handed it to a passing waitress, I knew they were just playing him.

Out of all the places, this is where they chose. Unbelievable.

I made my way through the crowded club, pushing through strangers and getting more than a few boob punches to the face. Finally, I found the backdoor exit behind a bunch of groupies smoking weed. The strobe lights made the fumes look pink as they exhaled. I took an unintentional breath and quickly plugged my nose, but the distinct smell of weed had already entered my nostrils, making me gag.

I quickly got out of the club and stumbled into the back alley. I shut my eyes tightly and wondered why I hadn't just walked down the alley like any normal person would've. I shivered as a cool breeze flew down the deserted alley. I pulled my thin sweater closer to my body, trying to keep the heat in. It was exactly 6:35PM and I was ready for just about anything.

The back door to the club opened swiftly and the same burly man came out of the door. "You're the new recruit?"

I narrowed my eyes at him. He started to laugh, as if it was hard to believe I could be up for whatever job they were offering. "What? You don't think I'm up for it?" I questioned defensively, putting my hands on my hips.

When he finally stopped laughing, he wiped a fake tear from his eye. "Whatever kid, let's just get this over with and see how long you last, kay?" He declared, walking over to me. Despite his muscled and intimidating appearance, he doesn't sound like he looks if that makes any sense.

He didn't say anything else, he just started walking away. "Um, hello? Am I supposed to follow you?" I asked him as he headed further down the alley. "Seriously? This was not in the brochure!" I exclaimed, letting out a long exasperated breath. After a moment of contemplation, I groaned as I started running in order to catch up with him.

"Don't expect a good rating on tripadvisor." I remarked angrily, crossing my arms over my chest. "Worst tour guide I've ever had." I muttered, deciding that I wouldn't tell him the girls inside stole his wallet.


I had followed the man through half of the city at this point, studying the brown specks on his bald head. My feet hurt because I had decided to wear my favorite black wedges, probably because I hadn't thought that I'd be walking around on a sightseeing tour.

"That's it." I snapped, stopping in place which was unfortunately the middle of an abandoned alley on the shady side of town. "I'm not moving another inch until you tell me where we're going."

"Works for me." He said with a shrug as he continued walking. His black belt, black shirt, and black pants made for an odd combination on his bulk figure. His black combat boots made loud clinking noises and his black and silver belt shone a little in the soon fading light.

"Fine." I said, staying true to my word and staying in place. He turned a c

orner and I took a moment to facepalm myself. "Great going Faith, you just had to be so stubborn. Now look what you've done, you're stuck in a sketchy alley alone."

"Are you talking to yourself?" My tour guide returned with that redundant question. I just looked at him tiredly, he knew the answer to that question.

"What are you doing back here? I thought 'it worked for you'." I quoted him, looking into his brown eyes.

"Yeah, I lied. I have to get you to the boss before 7:30 so would you mind picking up the pace, princess?" He asked impatiently, staring right back into my grey eyes.

"Well too bad, I'm not moving." I declared stubbornly. He looked at me in a way as if to say, really?

He sighed and approached me quickly. Before I knew what he was doing, my escort was carrying me bridal style. "Put me down." I told him calmly, trying not to lose my shit.

"Sorry princess, gotta get you there on time, otherwise it's my ass, not yours." He said with a smile. He has three gold teeth, I realized.

"Well then, what's your name?" I inquired. I knew I should be freaking out right now, but I'm not, and that is because of four reasons.

1.My phone is in my purse and he'd notice if I casually started to call a three digit number.

2.If I cried for help, no one in this neighborhood would help me because if they called the cops, they'd probably have worse to hide and they don't want to risk exposure.

3.This guy hasn't hurt me and I honestly see no reason to believe he would.

4.I'm the idiot who followed the directions of a shady note left in the gazebo of a college party so I have no one to blame but myself and if I called the police, I'd have to tell them the story of how stupid I was.

"Greg." I almost missed his reply because I was too caught up in my head.

"Hello Greg, I'm Faith." I replied as he casually walked onto the sidewalk with me in his arms. Finally, a seemingly abandoned warehouse came into view.

"That's where we're going." Greg announced using his head to point out the direction of the warehouse since he was using his hands to carry me.

"Aren't your arms tired?" I asked him curiously. He chuckled a little as he continued walking.

"This isn't the first time I've had to do this." He told me. I looked at him confusedly and he elaborated. "Dare usually picks pretty girls."

"Dare?" I questioned as we neared the building. I could hear loud music pouring out through the broken windows and there were flashing lights illuminating the cracks.

"Short for Darren, he started D.A.R.E." Greg informed me, reaching the door. He gave it two knocks and someone whipped open the door. Surprise, surprise, another bimbo blonde.

"OMG, hey- uh, what's your name?" She asked us, but Greg ignored her. He put me down and we shuffled past her. The building was huge and despite its outer appearance, inside was a party wilder than any college party. Everyone was dancing on either the first floor or the second, drinking something in a red solo cup.

To my left, people were skating on a makeshift skate park. To my right, there was a soccer field set up and a group of shameless shirtless boys kicked the ball around. My mind marveled at how much all this would've costed. Was it always like this? More importantly, what was this place?

From behind me, Greg said, "Welcome to D.A.R.E, princess.".


You guys have been asking for an update so here it is! I've been putting it off because I haven't been in the mood to write, so I hope it's decent.

Question of the chapter: What's your height and age? - 14 and 5'5".

Thanks for all the lovely comments and votes guys, I love them!

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