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   Chapter 1 Adventurous

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Me last year, I'm in the blue, oh gawd. ^^ (Tryna be sassy like) and that smile tho.

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Faith's POV

Deep breaths. Deep breaths, Faith.

I silently prayed that I wouldn't miss the pool and crack my head open on the sidewalk, that would really suck. Though it would save me from the English assignment that was literally due yesterday, the one that I haven't even started.

Suddenly, the idea of dying wasn't so bad.

"Trust me, you'll make it into the pool." My best friend and roommate shouted to me over the booming music, coming from inside the house. Molly was wearing jean shorts and a plain black t-shirt as she wobbled my way. "You got this!"

"Faith! Faith!" The crowd cheered me on from below and I knew that backing out now would be social suicide and even though I wasn't uber popular, quitting definitely wouldn't help my situation.

I saw Molly creeping up behind me and whipped around. "Don't you dare push me, I'm going." I said, sticking my arm back to keep her away, not that it did much.

"Good-bye, cruel world." I muttered under my breath quietly. Using my left hand to plug my nose, I took a bit of a running start before hurling myself into the pool. My bare feet left the hard shingles of the roof and the next thing I knew, I was flying. The cold wind nipped at my skin, raising the hair on my arms. I screamed out with joy, my hair whipping through the air. I closed my eyes and smiled, listening to the crowd cheering. Soon enough, the noise around me blurred, the water nearly silencing the rumble of my environment as my body broke the surface of the pool.

I opened my eyes, too caught up in the moment to remember that I was submerged in water. The chlorine stung my eyes and I quickly closed them again before swimming to the surface. I rose a victorious fist as I reached the top, taking a gulp of air. The crowd went wild as I used the ladder to climb out of the pool. A group of fairly attractive boys picked me up and started throwing me up and down. I'd be terrified out of my mind if the adrenaline wasn't still pumping through my veins and filling my system as if it were a drug.

The grin on my face practically reached my ears and I looked around to see plenty of wasted teenagers jumping into the pool. My gaze made its way over to the garden at the back of the mansion and landed on a vague shadow under the gazebo.

The thing that shocked me was: the shadow moved.

I gasped as it slunk out of the gazebo and slithered through the roses, towards the tulips. The figure grew more defined and had the outline of a person - and if I had to guess, judging by the broad shoulders and towering height, it was a male.

No one else noticed the shadow as they hooted and hollered. My eyes left the gardens as the boys put me down. Everyone soon continued dancing and grinding up against each other, but I was no longer interested in partying at the moment. I tiptoed over to the garden, trying to be as silent as possible, tho

ugh I doubt anyone could hear my footsteps over the blasting music.

My feet left the grass and came in contact with the brick path. I treaded to the place where I had last seen the mysterious figure, only to find that he was gone. I heard rustling in the trees and fear struck a chord inside of me. It's probably the shadow man, a voice inside my head snickered.

I rolled my eyes and reasoned with myself that it wasn't anything bad. I took a deep breath and pulled apart two pine tree branches only to find to wasted teens making out on the side of a tree. They were already half undressed and I cringed before quickly backing out of the forest. I laughed quietly at what I thought I'd find and what I did find.

I marched over to the gazebo determinedly and climbed up the small steps. I looked around, examining the white structure until my eyes landed on a golden piece of folded paper. I scurried over to it, sitting beside it. I eyed it as if it were the legendary dragon warrior scroll.

With a little hesitation, I picked up the paper and unfolded it. Written in black cursive was: Meet behind The Black Kitten at 6:35pm.

My head whipped up so fast that I swore I heard a crack. Was this note left for me to find? Or was it an accident?

I stood up, panicking a little.

I shivered in the cold air and reread the note. "Faith!" Someone snapped, making me look up quickly. I stuffed the note in between my boobs - the only hiding spot I could think of, considering the fact that I was wearing a bathing suit on this chilly November day.

"Hey Molly." I sighed, relieved to see her.

"Where have you been?" She slurred slightly, waddling towards me. She took a seat beside me, a bottle of cheap beer in her hand.

"Oh, just here." I replied casually, shrugging.

"Well I wanna head back to the dorms, you ready?" She asked drunkenly, swaying in her seat.

"Sure." I said, getting up. I offered her my hand and helped her walk to the car. Since I hadn't taking a single drink tonight, I was the driver - and I was thirsty. I buckled her up and started driving. The shoulder strap dug into my neck as I drove. The radio was turned down low and Molly had rolled down the window to release her night's refreshements onto the road and the poor driver behind us.

Arriving at the dorms, I ran around to her side, opening her door for her and helping her up. I lead her up the stairs and into our dorm. The yellow building shone a little in contrast to the night sky. Though it wasn't the snazziest building, it was home away from home.

I unlocked the door and helped Molly wipe the make up off her face, as she was practically falling asleep on my shoulder. Once her heavy make up was taken off, I brought her to bed and laid her down. "Goodnight, Molly." I said, receiving an incoherent mumble for a reply.

I sighed and headed back to the bathroom. Molly had always been the drinker out of the two of us. She got her high from the alcohol and I got mine from the adrenaline.

I eyed myself in the mirror, my dark blonde hair was that awkward mix between thick and thin so it was frizzy and staticky. My grey eyes seemed to take on a different shade on the daily, and my cheeks were flushed for no possible reason at all. Suddenly, I recalled the note and pulled it out of my pocket. Meet behind The Black Kitten at 6:35pm.

Should I go?

Was it even meant for me?

I exhaled heavily and crumpled the paper and threw it in the garbage. Since I hadn't worn any make up, I simply brushed my teeth and laid in my bed, conveniently located beside Molly's. I laid awake most of the night before drifting off into a sleepless dream state.


Oof what a chapter. I had to shove all that information in there lol. We had term exams and I did pretty good.

Question of the chapter: When's your birthday? - April 15th 2003.

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