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Jaxon Gray

"I'm not taking you to the hospital just because you stubbed your toe."

I let out a deep breath as I stared at my six year old sister who was crying on the floor.

"Jax, it hurts!" She limped towards me and threw herself in my arms. She wiped her snotty nose on my new shirt and I internally let out an annoyed groan.

"I broke my little toe!"She screamed in my ear, making me stumble back a little. Thank god, the couch was there to support me.

I really deserve the award for best brother of the fucking year.

"You didn't break anything, sweetheart. You hit your toe against a pillow."

"A hard pillow." She sobbed, burying her face in the crook of my neck. She's so dramatic, oh god. She could easily become the next Emma Watson with all the acting skills.

"It was not hard. You're just being dramatic."

This made her cry even louder. For fucksake!

"What is happening?" The front door opened and mom entered the living room. "Jaxon, why is she crying?" She asked worried.

"She stubbed her toe against a pillow and now she wants me to take her to the hospital."

Mom rolled her eyes, but took Lexi from me. "Come here, mommy's girl. I will put ice on it, okay?"

"She hit her toe on a pillow!" I cried out as I let out an exasperated sigh. "She's just being dramatic."

Mom gave me a blank stare and placed Lexi on the couch. "Mommy will come right back. I'll get some ice."

I followed mom to the kitchen and watched her placing ice cubes in a cup. "How was work, Mom?"

"Tiring." She let out a deep sigh and turned around. "You send the nanny home early today?"

I nodded my head. "Yeah, she left three hours ago."

"Where's your father?" Mom asked, handing me the cup with ice.

"In his study room. Something work related came up." I took the cup with ice from her and headed back to the living room where Lexi was still crying.

I swear this girl never runs out of tears.

"I have ice here for you, sweetheart. Now stop crying. Crying makes you ugly."

After the words left my mouth her lips quivered and she cried louder. Goddammit!

Mom ran out of the kitchen and stared at us in confusion. "Why is she still crying?"

"JAX SAID I'M UGLY, MOMMY!!" Lexi screamed on top of her lungs as the tears fell down her cheeks like a waterfall.

Mom glared at me and I instantly raised my hands up. "I didn't say that."

"Why is Lexi crying?!" A voice came from behind us.

I turned around and saw dad on top of the stairs, looking puzzled at us.

"Can't you just switch her off or something? I swear she is crying on any given opportunity." I muttered as I sat down next to mom on the couch.

"Don't talk like that to your sister." Mom told me shar

om upstairs I could see that she was crying.

Her mousy brown hair was tied into a high ponytail and she was wearing an oversized sweatshirt with flip flops. She's so goddamn beautiful. If there was someone I could compare her to, it was Hestia the greek goddess.

Talia was generous, kind, and forgiving. I always admired her when she was at the orphanage every friday night to read a bedtime story for the children.

I closed the curtains and let out a shaky breath.

She's a liar. A whore. A thief.

Because of her I will not be able to love and trust anyone anymore. How can someone so sweet and kind hearted turn into a nasty cold hearted bitch?

I opened the curtains again and saw her leaving in her car.

Damn her.

Damn her for breaking my heart.

I took a deep breath and shook my head. I should forget her. She's gone. That's what I wanted since last night. I swear to god I wanted her dead, because no one deserves a cheater. Cheating is the most disgusting thing you can do to someone who loves you so incredibly much.

"One day." I whispered to myself. "One day I will get my revenge. And it will be the sweetest thing ever."

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Hi guys, His Drama Queen has finally come to an end. It has been a wonderful journey to write the sweet love story of Ethan and Nicole. Thank you guys so much for the votes and comments, it inspired me to write and update faster :)

As for Jaxon.

Yes, there will be a story for him titled: The Billionaire's Revenge.

I'm not sure when the first chapter will go up, but I will post an announcement.

In the meantime I'm busy writing 'Chase Me' (Already posted on my account)


'Fake it till you make it.' (COMING IN APRIL)

So there's plenty to look forward to!

Xoxo, Lency

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