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   Chapter 46 NO.46

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Nicole Vargas

This was really happening!

Oh my god...soon I will be Mrs. Gray!

My heart was beating fastly in my chest as I tried to breath in and out.

I still cannot believe it that it has already been two years since we first started dating and one year since we were engaged.

After a year of dating everything suddenly fell in place. My boutique became a huge success and now I'm even thinking about expanding it beyond US borders. I have payed Rose back a year ago for all the hard work she put into the boutique, but she kindly declined. Instead she told me to give the money to a charity I supported.

Ethan's company in New York and in England is making millions and now he is also considering expanding to Asia.

New York became our new home. It was easier for both Ethan and I.

We moved from the huge mansion to live in Flatiron District in Manhattan eight months ago. Our new home is located in Madison Square Park. It was a beautiful penthouse with panoramic views of the city, including the Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center, and the Empire State Building. The home also includes floor-to-ceiling glass walls, two other studio apartments for staff on the tower's lower floors, and two parking lots.

It was the perfect house for us and our future children.

Talking about children. Ethan has been throwing subtle hints for the past few months about starting a family.

It all started when he pointed out this cute little bunny onesie at a baby store when we were at the mall. And two nights ago when I brought food for him in his office I caught him watching the baby shark song. "It was in the recommended." He sheepishly said when I gave him a weird look.

" Okay, okay Nicole, you need to breath... Can you do that for me??" Rose asked as she gently squeezed my hand. Ethan's mom, who insisted that I should call her Anna, rubbed my back and nodded her head at me. "Yes honey, you should breath. We should have hired a yogi for situations like this."

My mom sat across from me waving with a fan in

makeup." Ethan slowly wiped the tears away from my cheeks and probably also the highlight.

"That was not me." I laughed through my tears. "And don't worry about my makeup. I can always call Tara over to fix it."

"Riiighttt...." Ethan laughed and hugged me again. "Words cannot explain my love for you, princess." He placed his hand on my belly that was still flat as a pancake. It's only still ten weeks old after all. "Can't wait for you to come, little one."

Suddenly sobs filled the room. We turned around to see the three women standing across from us, bawling their eyes out. I forgot about them being in the room.

"We're going to be grannies." Anna cried as she hugged my mom and Rose. "I feel so old, but I can't wait to hold little munchkin in my arms."

"Congratulations, you two." Rose said in between sobs. "You will be the most amazing parents ever."

Before I could respond to that, the door swung open again revealing my dad. He stared at Ethan and I and then at the three women who were still wiping away their tears. "I'm sorry to interrupt but the wedding will start in less than twenty minutes."

"Oh shit!" I pulled away from Ethan and shoved him out of the room. "See you at the altar!" I yelled, closing the door in his face.

I turned around and stared at myself in the mirror. "TARAAA!"

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